New Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer Released

PlayStation reveals the new Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer.

Playstation has released a new story trailer for their upcoming PlayStation esclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse at the storyline, the graphics, and a huge explosion scene towards the end that shows us what we can expect with the game.

Throughout the trailer we can see the main character, Aloy, facing conflict with giant robotic creatures which are known as "Machines".

The trailer takes place in what seems to be a battle between humans and machines, set in an ancient post-apocalyptic environment.

We get to see possibly the main protagonist within the game, who appears to be the one controlling the machines and hoping to raise up an army.

As we get to see a montage of different killing machines and combat scenes, it all comes to the final scene where the Aloy states that “this is the end”. It's unclear as to what this means, but it could be a small indication that she's successful with bringing the world back to its former self. The camera then focuses onto the scenic scenery as a fortress in the distance explodes.

After the explosion, Aloy's fear can be clearly seen as a giant machine appears. It seems like the giant explosion previously could have been caused by this particular machine and it's likely that this will be one of the main boss fights in Horizon Zero Dawn.

In the after credits, we can see the Aloy in a bright and shiny room that seems to be a dream, the narrator says, “there’s so much more to discover before the world ends” serving as a teaser to the viewers for what the ending might entail.

You can checkout the full trailer for yourself, here.

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