More Methods to Earn Salvage Coming To Infinite Warfare Soon

Infinity Ward has announced that new ways to earn salvage are on the way.

Along with over 600 new customization options, new weapons, and Mark 2 variants, the newest update for Infinite Warfare, 1.07, also brought new concerns for players regarding drop rates. However, Infinity Ward was quick to respond to concerns by saying that "new methods to earn salvage will be coming soon".

Infinite Warfare’s newest update, 1.07, has quite the community up in arms about some of the new content introduced to the game. Within 1.07, 9 new prototype weapons, over 100+ Mark 2 variants, and over 600 customization options were added to the Quatermaster section of the game. The massive addition of all these new items, which are available via both supply drops and the prototype lab, received a massive backlash from the community. The Call of Duty community are mainly worrying about the drop rate and ability to receive specific variants from supply drops. Infinity Ward was quick on the scene however, with a response on reddit stating “Players have the same chance to get a weapon out of a supply drop as they did before,” and that the addition of Mark 2 weapons will not affect previous item’s drop rate. The statement was concluded with an announcement regarding new methods to earn salvage, which in the in-game currency used for the Prototype Lab to unlock specific weapon variants.

As it stands now, salvage is not something players can easily acquire in-game as it takes hours upon hours of play time to receive and save up any notable amount of salvage.

Any new methods to earn the currency would greatly benefit players looking to expand their armory and weapon collection. Although we aren’t aware of any of the methods Infinity Ward has in the works, there are a few speculations circling around, such as completing specific challenges, or contracts, and prototype recycling.

We'll keep you updated as more information is released.

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