Hungrybox Faces Injuries

Smash Pro Player Hungrybox Faces Injuries

With the start of the new year stakes are high. An unfortunate start to professional Super Smash Brothers Melee (SSBM) player, HungryBox (Hbox) who created a vlog talking about his medical problem. In the vlog he stated that he had Xrays taken on his finger showing that his Index finger has a small fracture.

As of now his finger is in a splint for the time being.

Click here to checkout HungryBox’s video explaining what had happened.

With Genesis 4: Melee’s first big tournament of the new year, just around the corner fans everywhere are wondering how this setback will impact Hbox. This setback will not keep Hbox from attending however, HungryBox will now be playing with a new unorthodox style in order to combat his finger. Heres hoping that this new style of play will come quick to him before the start of Genesis 4.

Genesis 4 begins January 20th and ends on the 22nd and only time will tell how these injuries will affect HungryBox’s upcoming performance.

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