Keyboard of the Future? - VE.A Specification Keyboard

Keyboard of the Future? - VE.A Specification Keyboard

Could this be the next greatest keyboard hack?

Code named the VE.A Specification keyboard, this is a keyboard that is sure to catch someone’s eye. What looks to be a cut in half keyboard is actually a work of art.

Armored with four pieces of Aluminium Armor (Aluminium 6061), two pieces of Polycarbonate Frame, two pieces of 1.5T STS Switch mounting plate, two pieces of 0.8T STS Laser marked plate and a matching 3M urethane bumpon included, this is a sight to see.

This keyboard is solely created by the community and you can watch an informative video below about how this creation works.

It is gaining tons of popularity although I doubt this can feel very comfortable while using, but that’s just my opinion. This amazing creation, according to the site linked below can be acquired for around $400.

Lastly, here is a short video of it in use.

If you would like to read tons more about it and all of its specifications, click here.

Let us know what you think about this keyboard in the comments below!

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