Grand Theft Auto 6: Wish list

Grand Theft Auto 6 Wish List 2017

GTA V was huge, and it still is. Selling over 70 million copies, it is officially the fourth most purchased video game of all time. Another sequel could mean big things for fans of GTA and Rockstar alike, however, although there are plenty of people that loved GTA V, there are still an amount of problems that need to be fixed and features that need to be added.

  • Longer Story Mode

Although the GTA V story was very funny and entertaining, the full story mode can be completed in less than 7 hours. We need to get more gameplay out of our game. Rockstar released many free updates to GTA Online, so why none for the story mode? Regardless of GTA online updates, we deserve to have a longer story. One that gets to know the characters better both individually and as a team.

  • More Buildings With Interiors

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing an interesting building in a GTA game and then end up walking face first into the door because you’re not allowed inside. Whether you can do anything meaningful in the building or not, we need to have the ability to enter more buildings. As impressive as GTA V’s graphics are, it would be even better to be able to enter all the buildings in the game.

  • Heist Spots

This is a very easy way to extend onto the Story Mode even more. Allow heists to take place in both Story Mode and Online. Instead of wasting time driving around after finishing Story Mode, you can pull off a heist with all the main characters. There can be multiple locations. Maybe one is a gas station? Maybe one is a bank? The possibilities are endless.

  • Bigger Map

Rockstar needs to take notes from Witcher 3 and make a bigger, more diverse map. While there’s rumors of Rockstar re-creating the entire United States, this obviously isn’t a feasible action. It can’t be done. However, I do see a possibility to have multiple GTA V sized maps that you can travel to.

  • Improved Cops

Cops need to be more realistic. Pull out a gun when you pull out a gun. Hiding behind cover from gunfire. Not shoot you just because you’re standing next to them. This will provide an altogether better experience with realism in GTA VI.

  • Natural Environment

GTA V was praised for its natural environment. You could find people camping out in the woods, a person with a broken down car, someone getting kidnapped, a cop chasing down a criminal. We need more of this. Expanded dialog. I want to be able to stand next to a group of people and hear stories they’re talking about instead of just standing there.

  • Better Combat

In GTA V you can kill people by falling on them if they’re sitting down. It was a bug I found years ago when the game first came out and they never fixed it. I want things to be more realistic. We need harder to master combat. No more one-hit knockouts every time you run up to somebody.

  • Flashbacks to Older GTA Games

Imagine what it would be like to go back in time in GTA 6 and be able to be in Vice City or San Andreas doing a mission or two. Think Vice City/San Andreas but with GTA V’s graphics. Wouldn’t that be great?

  • Play as a Cop

After GTA V’s Story Mode, there’s not much else to do. Playing as a cop could expand the gameplay time and replayability a lot more than some other small mini-games like darts in a bar.

  • A Smoother Experience

While GTA V was fun, there were a lot of bugs and kinks that should have been sorted out beforehand. A longer polishing time in GTA 6 could mean wonders for community feedback. The community notices every little detail in a game as big as GTA, and if there are no bugs to be found, the GTA community will be more than impressed.

These are all good features and fixes for the next GTA game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be bad without these features. It may be a mind-blowing game and not cover any of these topics.

Tell us what you think should be in GTA 6 in the comments below!

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