4 Major Changes Coming to Modern Warfare Remastered

With few issues left in Modern Warfare Remastered, this new patch will allow gameplay to be much better than before

Modern Warfare Remastered is in many people’s eyes a fantastic title and for many, the main title that they play this year of Call of Duty. That said, Modern Warfare Remastered still has a few flaws about it no doubt that could be fixed up to improve the playing experience for all players enjoying the classic Modern Warfare vibe that they grew up loving nearly a decade ago.

There have been fixes recently that have improved the minor issues with gameplay in Modern Warfare Remastered and some updates some people may not have been too fond of (we’re looking at you Supply Drops) but with the upcoming large update to Modern Warfare Remastered, we should have the majority of remaining issues resolved. Such issues include that of disappearing guns upon respawning, killcam bugs in which killcams do not show up, spawn improvements as well as one a lot of people will enjoy… Collateral fixes with sniper rifles.

Originally lead designer at Raven Software Amos Hodge confirmed that we would be seeing a new fix coming in the near future or at the “next big update” over on Twitter. This announcement to the masses sparked a lot of intrigue but the full scope of what was described was a mere 140 character detailing.

Stating “#MWRemastered weapon streaming bugs are causing the missing kill cameras and invisible weapons. Planned to be fixed on the next big update.”

This effectively stirred the community in a mixed manner of emotions, showcasing those definitively grateful for a minor fix to this but then it also prompted much discussion for the remainder of bugs and issues that need to be fixed within Modern Warfare Remastered. Many players immediately went to the status of collateral damage and the ability to get collateral kills with sniper rifles, stating that it takes away from the core mechanics of the game that they knew and loved years ago. Others took it the route of mentioning that the game still had many issues with the spawning system and that it was not the same as the original game. While unlike the collateral issue, there was no definitive proof that the spawns were entirely different but it is apparent that there is a difference in the original Modern Warfare and with Modern Warfare Remastered. This prompted additional tweets from Amos Hodge detailing the introduction of spawn improvements and for collateral fixes to be updated in the next major patch as well as the original bug fixes in killcams and weapons showing up as invisible.

While there is currently no ETA for the next large update for Modern Warfare Remastered, we usually see major title updates around the beginning of the month so it’s quite possible that at the beginning of February we will see a major update for Modern Warfare Remastered including the mentioned killcam fixes, weapon fixes, spawn improvements and collateral updates. However, it is quite possible this major update, because of the nature of its contents, could be released ahead of a normal schedule and we see it earlier in the month, perhaps a week or two down the line. Regardless, it is a great deal of comfort to know that some of the few remaining main problems with the game are going to be resolved.

Raven has prided themselves on trying to give the community they best they can with the Remaster of Modern Warfare. While there’s not all that much that can be done about Supply Drops and how they do not stick true to the original Modern Warfare, it is good to see an effort to revert any issues caused that takes away from that originality. If you are a fan of Modern Warfare Remastered, the wait is not far off for a change to make the game much better! It’s not long my friends, stay frosty!

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