E-League CS:GO Major Stickers and Graffiti Released

E-League CS:GO Major Stickers and Graffiti Released in Newest Update

Valve has released the CS:GO Major stickers and graffiti a little over a week before the $1,000,000 Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament starts on January 22nd showcasing the best teams in the world going head-to-head.

As with previous tournaments, in-game skins, items, and other materials are able to be purchased within CS:GO at which half of the proceeds will go towards the team and half will go to Valve. This is a huge deal for organizations as they get their brand within the game as well as a revenue stream.

You can view the stickers below.

A few months ago, Valve introduced graffiti spray into CS:GO which allowed for players to spray unique characters onto the map around them. Utilizing this new feature, not only will there be stickers representing the tournament but also different types of graffiti sprays.

These stickers and sprays are now available in the CS:GO marketplace and you can start supporting your favorite eSports team in your own fashion.

You can read more details about this tournament, here.

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