Here's All We Know About Microsoft's Project Scorpio!

Project Scorpio, the newest edition to Xbox's console family has been rather quiet but here's everything we know about the Scorpio!

The Xbox versus PlayStation war has waged for years now and more than likely will continue to wage on for years to come. That said, each console generation, Microsoft and Sony respectively try to outdo the other to give gamers and consumers the “competitive” advantage with their product, each time offering more and more than the former consoles. With so much new tech coming out in the presumed middle of this console generation, it seems that the second life consoles are being taken to a new level, especially with Microsoft and their proposed Project Scorpio. So what all does this proposed behemoth all about?

Project Scorpio was announced last year at E3 and was right off the bat toted to be the next biggest thing in console gaming. With the announcement of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One Slim, many people were a little intrigued as to what this next step could be, especially if it was announced so early on with nearly no confirmation other than the fact that the Scorpio was “in the process of being created”. While there’s not entirely too much known publicly about the game system, we can assume a few things.

How Much Will It Cost?

While we haven’t had any indication for price being that it’s still so early on in the pre-launch days, it can be assumed that the console will sell at a normal price for consoles but more than likely boasting all these features, will be a tad heavier on the wallet than that of the current systems and of the recently released Xbox One S. Only time will tell but with a major console being introduced into the lineup, that’s what we may be able to infer based off of previous trends.


The Scorpio, among other promises, promises that it will be the most powerful console on the market. From the beginning, Microsoft boasted the massive six teraflops of graphical performance that would be included within the hardware of the console. Now that is impressive… For consoles. No doubt, we’ve never seen a console this powerful so it begs the question: What is the PlayStation counter and how long with this superiority last? But outside of that, for comparison, Nvidia just released their new line of GTX 1080 graphics cards that have the power of nine teraflops of graphic power. So is it massive? Absolutely, but the comparison still can’t be compared entirely to top ranking PC specifications.

The next level of discussion with power comes down to a question presented just a few moments ago. How long will this console last? It is no surprise that we are a few years into a current development cycle of a console generation. Previously, we’ve seen intervals roughly around six to eight years for consoles. If we use those standards, Project Scorpio is going to be released roughly in the middle of that. With that in mind, is this going to be a stepping stone or is this supposed to last us into the next generation, ushering in a new generation in a brand new medium as a console to bridge the gap and divide. It’s a bold and perhaps risky marketing strategy, but sometimes as the saying goes “you have to risk it for the biscuit”.

Adaptation for New Technologies

Project Scorpio is undoubtedly being released at its current time to try and compensate for the massive gap in time between tech. If you were to look at the tech world right now, we are worlds ahead of where we were when the current generation of consoles were released just a few years ago. Such new techs alongside 4k support that are taking the gaming world by storm are VR and HDR technologies.

VR or virtual reality is something that is becoming mainstream whether we as consumers want to believe it or see it. With new smart phones coming with VR headsets and a major push by console development teams, it’s going to be a mainstream thing that may be a household item within five years. That said, current consoles may not be the most optimized for those technologies. The Scorpio is promising massive optimization for VR and as a result may come with a few titles that will propel the VR market to the next level. Of course, this is all speculation but the clear intent for VR support and optimization is apparent and should be expected.

The next piece of technology that is breaking through in the gaming industry is the introduction of HDR support. For many consumers, the terminology most notably connected with photography outside of gaming, HDR refers to a much more extended range of colors. The standard RGB color palettes that game developers make can’t utilize the maximum range of colors that the human eye can recognize and decipher. Many newly developed games are trying to utilize HDR color spectrums in order to create a more life-like experience, something way more immersive than that of what we’ve known of for a long while. All that in consideration however, technologies with consoles must be expanded in order for games and developers to fully take advantage of that and the Scorpio looks to deliver for those who are in need.

Why Was It Announced So Early With So Little?

That is the golden question, truly. The necessity to announce it at E3 last year may have come due to the increased pressure from PlayStation and the plans in motion from the teams at Sony. The early life blunders for the Xbox One and the lack of performance in comparison to PS4s since launch certainly could have been factored in as a threat. Microsoft executives may have easily seen this as a need to strike back and fast. With PlayStation announcing the VR support, 4k tech with the Pro and other introductions into the family, Xbox couldn’t afford to lose out so perhaps the call was made to announce now, reveal later just to keep up.

Whether that call is factual or just pure speculation is all for time to tell and additionally, the same time will showcase whether or not the Scorpio can keep up with the ever changing and fast evolving environment of the gaming and tech industries in this day and age. The next year should be intriguing for news and for the release of the Scorpio. No doubt, Xbox is looking to regain a console war competitive edge and the Scorpio may be their ticket to it if executed well.

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