Call of Duty: People's Army Leak Turns Out Fake

An apparent Call of Duty leak turned to be a great fake.

It’s that time of year again; the Call of Duty leak season has officially begun, and it started with a bang... Sort of. Twitter user @766f6e7461, whose account has since been deleted, released images and footage of  a title called Call of Duty, “People’s Army". The twitter posts by the user went viral in the matter of minutes, but unfortunately the posts turned out to be fake. 

Fir off, hats off to whoever organized this leak, because they went to some huge efforts and they definitely fooled the gaming community. The twitter videos posted on the anonymous user’s account included select frames of the start menu, create-a-class menu, & a few moments of “gameplay.” After several minutes of the user gaining hundred of Retweets, people started to point out several issues with the video that doubted its legitimacy. 

Some pictures were used from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, along with a World War 2 inspired picture by Tom Lea, which is something Activision would never do for an official Call of Duty title. Taking a rival FPS’s footage and adding into their own game is beyond realistic and 100% proves this leak is illegitimate.

Although the fake leak was believable at first, it proves that the Call of Duty community are still dedicated to the franchise and want a title that doesn't involve double jump movements. If we can take away anything from this leak, it should be that Activision has probably seen the excitement from fans regarding a Vietnam/World War 2 Call of Duty title.

Let us know what you think of the faked leak down below! 

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