Halo 6 Could Be a Project Scorpio Launch Title

While fans look towards the future & Halo 6, is it possible that Project Scorpio & Halo 6 team up for the most epic launch of this decade?

Halo has been in an interesting spot since the release of Halo 5: Guardians. The fan base was split on its reactions, to put it lightly. While some may be content, a lot of fans are already looking towards Halo 6 and any information that may pertain to the future of the franchise. While it’s too early to really say anything for certain, one possibility has fans on the edge of their seats because it could be a major step up in the franchise both graphically and gameplay mechanically. How so? The game may be ready to release for the next Microsoft console, Project Scorpio. There’s a possibility the next Halo title can be launching as a counterpart to the highly anticipated console.

The theory stems from the recent report that a high ranking executive on the dev team at 343 Industries has departed from the franchise. Either the executive, Matt McCloskey is jumping ship in the middle of the development cycle or the game is already near completion, if not complete at all. The chances of something going horribly wrong behind the scenes are perhaps a bit too small to give credit to, but certainly it is possible as well. Typically in the gaming industry, positions are not abandoned or vacated until the completion of a certain project or they could be forced out after a series of detrimental deterrents to the game’s progress. Based off credibility though, McCloskey wasn’t deemed to be all that bad so perhaps we can look towards the brighter option of the two.

Taking Halo out of the equation for a moment, Project Scorpio still has very little known about it. Microsoft is toting it as the next big thing and as the console that will absolutely blow the rest of the console world out of the water, propelling Microsoft and Xbox into the next generation of console gaming. Whether or not it will live up to the hype and levels of expectations ever growing in fans’ brains, that’s something we cannot determine. What we can determine though is that with a kick-ass console comes the necessity for a (few) kick-ass launch games. With the speculated release of Scorpio being the upcoming holiday season, or shortly thereafter, the time is fast approaching with no real blockbuster titles on the immediate horizon. So what about the original Xbox exclusive, the game that propelled Xbox, first person shooters and so much more in the modern gaming world, what if Halo 6 is released as a launch title for Project Scorpio?

The timing, no doubt, would be impeccable. Both parties would greatly profit from the ideological release of the two and fans would perhaps profit the most. Assuming Scorpio lives up to all the expectations, we could see the highest fidelity of graphics and gameplay experiences on the Scorpio on an already legendary franchise. Imagine seeing the glory of Halo in 4k or even in VR, how insane would that be? I think that any console gamer would love to see this outcome given the history of Halo and given the promises of the Scorpio.

Whether or not it is something we can greatly look forward to, maybe it’s the safe call to not get so hyped up over the idea just yet, seeing that nothing is confirmed. However, if you look at the chronological timeline of events, it’s just too good to be true. First an executive leaves, perhaps for completion of one large project for another. The next highly anticipated gaming console is coming out this holiday season while the development of the next big budget Halo game could easily coincide with the release time frame. Finally, what better way to sell a new Xbox console with perhaps the most famous franchise in Xbox history, the dots just seem to keep connecting themselves. We’ll see but until then, we can hope, right?

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