PS4 YouTube App Now Supports 360 Videos When Using PS VR

PS4 YouTube App Now Supports 360 Videos When Using PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset

With virtual reality being one of the most popular forms of entertainment these days, it is no surprise that apps and media outlets are adapting to the demands.

Video powerhouse, YouTube, has updated their app within the PlayStation 4 to support 360 videos when using the PlayStation VR Headset.

As PS VR headsets flew off of the shelves since its release, more and more people are loving the aspect of VR games and the entertainment they provide. Thanks to this update, not only can PS VR users enjoy their favorite VR games but now their favorite videos.

Videos recommended to be seen through the PS VR can be found here. YouTube has created a whole channel under their network that provides a hub of the highest quality and recommended videos to watch in VR. So, be sure to hop on over and watch those awesome realistic videos with your PlayStation VR headsets, except of course if you don’t have one then keep saving up!

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