Pokémon GO - How to Earn XP and Level Up Quick

Follow these tips to level up fast in Pokémon Go.

This guide offers several tips to help players earn XP and level up fast in Pokémon Go.  Gaining levels increases the chances of finding stronger and rarer Pokémon in the wild. Players are also rewarded with free consumable items for each level achieved.

In Pokémon Go, increasing one’s trainer level is an essential part of finding strong Pokémon who can hold their own in Gym battles.  As you level up, you’ll encounter stronger Pokémon in the wild that have higher Combat Points (CP), meaning you won’t have to spend as many resources to power them up. Leveling up also increases the chances of capturing rarer Pokémon species. Plus, you’ll receive free consumables each time you acquire a new level, such as Poké Balls, Revives, Lure Modules, and various other items.

Earn XP and Level Up Quick

The best way to level up is by completing tasks that reward an XP bonus. To speed up the leveling process, you should complete activities that reward the highest XP bonuses as often as possible.  Capturing new species, evolving Pokémon, and hatching Pokémon Eggs are activities that offer the highest XP bonuses, and thus should become consistent in your Pokémon Go routine. Here are several other tasks that can be completed for additional XP:

  • Register a New Pokémon into PokéDex - 500 XP
  • Evolve a Pokémon - 500 XP
  • Hatch a Pokémon Egg - 200 XP (2km); 500 XP (5km); 1000 XP (10km)
  • Capture the 100th Pokémon of a Species - 100 XP
  • Capture a Pokémon with a Curveball - 10 XP
  • Interact with a PokéStop - 50 to 100 XP
  • Defeat a Pokémon at a Gym - 100 XP
  • Defeat All Pokémon in a Gym - 50 XP
  • Defeat Pokémon in Training at a Gym - 10 XP

Capture Everything

Catching Pokémon is your most steady source of XP in Pokémon Go. An additional XP bonus is rewarded on top of the capture reward whenever you catch a new Pokémon species that was not previously in your Pokédex.

Use Lucky Eggs for Max XP Gain

Lucky Eggs are consumable items in Pokémon Go that double your XP rewards for 30 minutes. To get the most XP, use a Lucky Egg just before performing a series of high XP tasks, such as evolving or hatching Pokémon. Plan ahead by making sure you have enough Candy to evolve several Pokémon. Incubate multiple Pokémon Eggs until they are just about to hatch, and then head to your favorite PokéStop.

Use Lucky Eggs to maximize your XP gain for 30 minutes in Pokémon Go.
Use Lucky Eggs to maximize your XP gain for 30 minutes in Pokémon Go.

Activate the Lucky Egg, then evolve the Pokémon you had lined up. Walk to hatch your Pokémon Eggs, and continuously check in at the PokéStop. If you have a Lure Module, drop it at the PokéStop and capture as many Pokémon as possible. With this method, you can earn thousands of XP points by the time the Lucky Egg wears off. 

Always Incubate Eggs

Pokémon Eggs offer a decent XP bonus when hatched, so you should always keep some Eggs in incubators at all times. The incubation process requires little more than walking around. If you are already out capturing Pokémon anyway, you can double your efforts by incubating Eggs at the same time to earn the most XP.

Throw Curveballs

Additional XP is rewarded for capturing wild Pokémon with a Curveball. Since the 0.31 update, players have reported that Excellent, Great, and Nice precision throws no longer grant an XP bonus.  Curveballs, however, still offer a small amount of additional XP. To throw a Curveball, swirl the Poké Ball to hook it in the direction you want it to curve just as you launch it at the Pokémon. Aim to the opposite side of whatever direction you curved the ball in order to land on the Pokémon in the center.

Now that you know the best methods for earning XP and leveling up, your next goal is to win battles and join gyms in Pokémon Go.

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