Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi Announced For 2018

Dinsey has announced Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi for the Star Wars movie of 2018. 

Star Wars creators have revealed the 8th chapter of the popular star wars series as ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.

Earlier today, creators of the star wars series revealed their next title on saying they have the greatest fans and therefore they wanted the fans to know about the newest Skywalker saga: Star Wars: The Last Jedi first to show their appreciation. The movie is said to continue where ‘The Force Awakens’ ended; Luke Skywalker gets his old lightsaber handed to him by Daisey Ridley Rey. The title of the movie is most likely named after Luke Skywalker being the latest Jedi in the Star Wars universe.

Unlike the Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One, The last Jedi is written by Rian Johnson. The last Jedi is probably the last star wars movie featuring Carrie Fisher since she unfortunately passed away late 2016.

The release of a new star wars movie also gives a great opportunity for a new Star Wars game, or at least some Last Jedi DLC to come in the future. 

The new movie is set to release December 15, 2017.

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