Overwatch's Chinese New Year Event Leaked - New Game Mode, Skins And More (VIDEO)

New footage has emerged of Overwatch's new Chinese New Year event and it will include some excited new skins and features!

Several days ago, we reported that Overwatch will be having a brand new Chinese New Year event and today, some more details and video footage leaked on what we can expect. The new footage of some of the new skins and features were leaked via Streamable, you can watch the video here.

The Chinese network, Weibo, was the source behind today’s leak and although we're not entirely sure on how they obtained the footage, it's likely that it was given to them for marketing but they broke the embargo. The trailer teases a few new skins for multiple heroes, all of which are of course, Chinese New Year themed. 

In addition to all the new skins and items, for a brief moment we get a quick clip of Tracer defending a flag, which could indicate a Capture The Flag Game mode. With every special event in Overwatch, a new game mode is also released for the event period and in this case it looks like Capture The Flag is on its way. 

Overwatch's Chinese New Year event begins on January 24. Will you be celebrating the Chinese New Year in Overwatch? 

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