Titanfall 2 Tech Test Offers Special Callsign

Get this rare Callsign to show your robot solidarity.

Respawn Entertainment is offering players the chance to earn a special Callsign during the second Titanfall 2 Tech Test weekend. Players who earn the Callsign can equip it in the full version of the game once it’s released in October, to show their early involvement in the beta. We've included an image of the Callsign below, along with details on how to earn it during the second technical test.

The Callsign depicts a robot arm and human arm clenched in an arm-wrestling handshake, a clear nod to the memorable scene from Predator. While this is a pretty awesome Callsign to have in your collection, its availability is unfortunately time sensitive. To earn this epic Callsign, players must participate in the Amped Happy Hour event, which happens at two specific times during the Titanfall 2 Tech Test.

The first Amped Happy Hour will occur from 9 to 10 am PDT on Saturday, August 27th. A second opportunity occurs a few hours later from 4 to 5 pm PDT on Saturday. The Tech Test itself is available all weekend, but you’ll need to make it to these Happy Hour time periods if you want to earn the Callsign. The developers at Respawn Entertainment are likely trying to stress-test the servers during these two time periods.

The second Titanfall 2 Tech Test session will also reflect several tweaks that have been made in response to player feedback from the first testing weekend. The team at Respawn have posted a blog post detailing the changes made to the latest update. Some of these changes include adjustments to Pilot wall-running, and increased Titan survivability. 

Also, Titan acquisition is no longer based solely on player performance, and will revert back to the way it was in the previous game.  The Titan meter will passively fill over time, allowing Pilots to earn their Titan regardless of performance. Perhaps now each match won’t feel as Titan-less as it did in the first technical test. An additional map will be added to this second round of testing for players to try out as well, and more maps will be showcased on the Titanfall 2 website in the coming weeks.

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