A New Unnamed Avengers Game Was Just Announced!

A new Marvel game centered around the reassembling of the Avengers has just been announced by Square Enix and it could offer a very unique perspective of heroes on the verge of extinction while Inifnity War Pt. I looms in the horizon.

Who doesn’t love a super hero game that presses the limits, pushes into the expanding universe like no game we’ve seen recently and that follows the canon while further explaining new or continuing storylines? Well, if you like any of those things, you may be in luck, especially if you’re an Avengers fan. It was announced today that developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, creators of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex respectively, have been commissioned by Square Enix to release a new Avengers title.

Currently, very little is known as cold hard fact but there is a decent amount that can be picked up on from the teaser trailer that dropped today, seemingly out of nowhere. The trailer is for the project that currently has no name but simply bears the shield of the Avengers at the end, showcasing bits and pieces of a scattered and worn team only to showcase the message “#Reassemble” at the very end.

The unnamed narrator, female, says “They say the time of heroes is over, that if you’re ‘different’, you’re dangerous. But I know the truth. The world will always need heroes. We just need to reassemble.” This message seems to set up the very basis of which the storyline may be based upon, a scattered and broken Avengers team that is nowhere to be found once a new major threat faces the world. We can’t just have the bad guys running wild… or at least not for the majority of the plotline. There is no direction other than this that can be implied however and as for whatever we can see; this is it for the time being. Square Enix has not shared anything else of substantial value to allow players to get their imaginations going any more than they have with this.

The only other detail that was confirmed was that this will be the first of a multi-game deal between Square Enix and Marvel, perhaps a new series of games all interconnected and continuing an ongoing, overarching storyline for the Avengers characters and the surrounding universe. It also is possible this is just the introductory title in a plethora of titles coming that may also not be connected with each other.

Another interesting piece of information to decipher how you will is that the next Avengers movie is set to debut in early May of 2018, or so all indications point to up to this current time. What may be a very valid theory is that this could tie in directly with the release of the Infinity War Pt. I. With Thanos seemingly on the way for the film universe, perhaps this new title in the works from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal serves as the prequel, bridge between I and II or the official movie sanctioned video game. Any of those options could work out flawlessly and provide complimentary attention for the other assuming they launch at or around the same time.

While both film and game are still in development and we can’t say for sure what will happen, the thought of an all new expanse into the Marvel universe is thrilling, especially if we can expect it to be done right and well, to keep us all interested. This has some massive potential and if the recent years of Marvel films is any indication as to what we can expect with this game, our hopes are high!

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