5 Cancelled Games that Would Have Been Amazing To See

5 Cancelled Games that Would Have Been Amazing To See but never saw the light of day.

A game developer’s greatest achievement is when their projects get released for all of the gaming community to enjoy, however most of these projects never get to see the light of day. Whether the developer decided to disband the game, conflicts arose, or rights were bought out, many amazing games never got to show their capabilities on stage. We decided to list, in our opinion, 5 games that either got cancelled or never released.

Fallout Online

Anyone who is familiar with the Fallout franchise would have no doubt in their mind that this game would have made a lot of money. The idea of taking the classic Fallout universe and making it into a MMOG, similar to Skyrim online was clever. This game was expected to be big and there was quite a bit of hype for the release, so what happened? This game was short lived due to legal disputes involving the game. The problem stemmed from the fact that Bethesda, who owns Fallout, didn’t want multiplayer. Although the complete story for the cancellation of Fallout Online is still blurry, it is unfortunate not to be able to explore the world of Fallout with your best friends. Hopefully Bethesda will reconsider their opinions on multiplayer, but in the meantime you can still explore alone.


Halo: Chronicles

Not much information is know about this addition to the Halo series, this game was expected to be more of film heavy addition to Halo. In the development stages the game was described as “the flimsiest of the Halo games”. We could safely speculate that the game play would be divided in small story missions, however it’s not clear whether the game would follow Master Chief or follow another protagonist. This game was cut during development and was replaced with Halo: 4. Not all of Halo: Chronicles was lost though, traces of it can been seen in Halo: 4’s game mode Spartan ops. Spartans ops are small missions alongside the story mode. Maybe we will see Halo: Chronicles in the future so keep your fingers crossed.


This incredible aesthetic masterpiece of a game was sadly cancelled by publisher Microsoft. It was quite surprising to see this game cancelled while some of the premiere action-game developers were on the job for this project. This awesome game focused on dragons has gone up in flames and is now a pile of ash. Microsoft has had a bad history of cancelling games in the past years, so hopefully we don’t continue to see this.


Silent Hills

A game directed by both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. The game wasn’t even finished, and Silent Hills could have been considered great just by the those two names alone. Although details of the full game are blurry, but to get of feel of what was to be expected was shown off in a 2014 demo for the PlayStation Network store called P.T. This game mixed creepy first-person with tough puzzles to provide a feel of urgency and fear. But konami announced Silent Hills’ cancellation during the same storm surrounding Kojima’s work with Metal Gear solid V: The Phantom Pain. This fantastic game of pure nightmares will not being seeing the light of day as Konami has no intention on moving on with Silent Hills


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots

This installment to the Rainbow six series was another tactical first-person shooter that looked to address contemporary issues, but this time it centered on a group of insurgents called the “True Patriots” who taken it on themselves to right the wrongs committed by Wall Street. Ubisoft told their story through some very impressive interactive cinematics. This game was made at a time where the next generation of gaming systems were on the verge of being released. This provided a struggle for the developers to transfer their work to the newer consoles, leaving them with a troublesome decision. A clean slate was what they needed and so with their new slate Rainbow Six Siege was born. It's a shame as Siege has none of the narrative elements that made Patriots so promising

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