First Look at Dominion, Modern Warfare 2's Afghan Remake in Infinite Warfare

With Infinite Warfare's DLC right around the corner, we have some early looks at what the Modern Warfare 2 Afghan remake will be all about in the Sabotage DLC

Infinite Warfare’s first DLC is coming out this upcoming Tuesday for PlayStation 4 users, both with the Season Pass and without and as of recently we’ve had teasers and gameplay footage from around the gaming community that showcases a few maps. The first map that was released with footage to the public was Dominion, which we will look at more in depth.

Dominion may be a familiar face to longtime fans of the Call of Duty franchise. Dominion is based off, and a completely reworked version of Afghan from Modern Warfare 2. The fan favorite map of Afghan lives in the legendary category of maps from the Call of Duty franchise and perhaps is one of the better maps in the Modern Warfare series. Located in Afghan, the map was focused around a cliff-side plane crash at the foothills of the mountains. Surrounded by bunkers, caves and cliffs, the map was forever an exceedingly fun map to play. Dominion looks to reintroduce the fun that the map brought within Infinite Warfare.

Dominion, while aesthetically different, is nearly entirely accurate to that of Afghan. While it does not retain a 1:1 ratio of placements, sizing, and other situational pieces of the map, it is as identical as it can be for a player to look at Afghan and think of it in a space setting. The map does a fantastic job of bringing the nostalgia back within the minds of the players who remember Afghan fondly while also doing a rather good job at accommodating the necessary movement mechanics to fit the chain-based movement system that Black Ops 3 introduced.

Gameplay wise, the map plays a bit quicker than the Modern Warfare 2 counterpart due to the increased movement speed and the additional lanes that offer alternative routes, both on the ground and vertically. The cliff-side, bunkers and caves are still the main focuses around the centralized cargo ship; however, if you dare, the cargo vessel is a great spot to make your presence known with key overlooks to nearly every corner of the map.

All-in-all, the map looks to bring back the nostalgia and reconnect players with the Modern Warfare 2 roots. While it will be a little bit different, it certainly is still a ton of fun to play in and promises to provide some action we all can look forward to. Infinite Warfare’s Sabotage DLC 1 releases this Tuesday, January 31st for PlayStation 4 users.

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