First Look at Renaissance, the Fastest Map in Infinite Warfare's DLC 1

Infinite Warfare's DLC season kicks off with Sabotage releasing this Tuesday, so let's take a look at Renaissance and see the most action packed map included first hand

With Infinite Warfare’s first DLC dropping this coming Tuesday, we’ve had a little bit of time to soak in some early footage from the community and see a little more in depth what we can expect of the multiplayer maps. In this preview, we’re going to be looking at Renaissance, a beautifully designed map that has many, many close quarters situations and will keep players on edge no matter what the mode they play.

The first thing to note when going into Renaissance is that it is a fast map. It’s not fast like your standard definition of fast… It’s really fast. From spawn to mid-map, it only takes roughly five to ten seconds, depending on the spawn point. We dare you to think of another map that is that fast to get from point A to point B. This map will be based around pushing the pressure backwards because I guarantee you will be spawn trapped at some point or another with this. The spawns are rather predictable but with the right amount of push-back from a team, it’s easy to reverse a trap.

Overall, the map plays like a traditional three-lane Call of Duty map that we’ve known and loved for years. However, players accustomed to SMG and shotgun play will flourish the most. There is no long range hallways that a sniper will have their day in, there is no corridor that an AR should outclass a SMG. There should definitely be some hesitation when approaching mid-map however, especially in Domination for example. The B-Flag is located right in the middle of the map, where 5 different lanes come together and meet. This will create a need to be alert and aware of your surroundings and more than likely the help of a team push the capture or retake a flag, otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll get taken down.

There are various choke points within the map that allow players to hold key positioning and take down numerous enemies but sometimes that can be hard to do solo, once again stressing on the ideology of running with a team or at least communicating with your team if you are running solo. While nothing is impossible, it is going to be interesting just how many players will be able to run this map solo with just how many key ranges and lines of sight are obstructed by one another and where players can easily pinch each other for the kills.

All in all, the map is incredibly fast paced, it’s incredibly small for the maps of this game and with the movement speed of the game mechanics, it will make for some high paced action all around. I don’t expect many dull moments when jumping into lobbies on Renaissance, but I certainly am looking forward to getting in lobbies on the map no doubt. Infinite Warfare’s Sabotage DLC launches Tuesday for PlayStation 4 users and a month later for Xbox One and PC users.

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