Infinite Warfare Rave In The Redwoods - How To Turn On The Power

How To Run On The Power In Infinite Warfare's Rave In The Redwoods Zombies Map

As always, to Pack-A-Punch your weapon in zombies, you'll need to turn on the power within Rave In The Redwoods and on this map it's ridiculously easy. Unlike in Zombies In Spaceland, you only need to turn on one power switch instead of five, which makes things incredibly easy. However, the Power Switch is located underneath the spawn area, meaning you'll need to run around the whole map in order to get there. 

Here's some very easy directions to get to the Power Switch area:

  1. Take the door to the right of the fireplace leading outside
  2. Over the wooden bridge and follow the pathway
  3. Follow route until the Mess Hall
  4. Go through the two Mess Hall rooms and back outside
  5. Sign post will be right in front of you outside (see image above)
  6. Take left turn towards Mines and Cabins
  7. Follow route onwards until you reach Camp Wolf
  8. Go through the camp, note the sign leading the way towards power
  9. Head into Old Marvin Mine and follow the tunnel
  10. Take the right turn as soon as you leave the mine
  11. Follow the wooden stairs down
  12. Note the Bang Bang perk machine
  13. Follow the path onwards and past the minecart
  14. Head into another tunnel leading deeper underground
  15. At the end of the tunnel is the generator room
  16. Pull the Power Switch and a secret stairway opens up, leading back to the spawn room area

If you're new to Rave In The Redwoods, then for easier directions, simply keep going left. 

After you've turned on the power in Rave In The Redwoods, you'll also get access to the Tuff Nuff perk machine which is located in the Attic area of the log cabin. For more accurate directions, simply go upstairs from the spawn room and head outside onto the balcony and head into the other small room on the top floor with the bunkbeds.

For more Infinite Warfare Rave In The Redwoods guides, stay tuned!

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