Infinite Warfare Rave In The Redwoods - How to Build the Boat

With Infinite Warfare's first Zombies DLC, let's take a look at how to build the boat in Rave in the Redwoods so that you can get closer to Pack-A-Punch!

Infinite Warfare’s DLC is upon us and with it, Rave in the Redwoods is approaching fast. Within a few hours of this publication, the map will be released to everyone and perhaps when you see it, it’s already live. Regardless of when you’ll be viewing, we’re going to teach you how to activate the boat which is a crucial step for the Pack-A-Punch in this map. If you follow all these steps to a point, you’ll have no issue whatsoever getting the boat up and running!

The first thing you must do is turn on the power. Unlike Zombies in Spaceland, Rave in the Redwoods features only one power switch for the entire map. So if you’re a fan of the one-and-done mentality, this is for you, no more annoyances caused by looking for power here and there. If you are unaware of how to turn on the power, check out our full in depth guide to turning on the power in Rave in the Redwoods. Once that is out of the way, you are all set and ready to continue!

Step 1: Gather the Parts

These parts will be located around various parts of the map and they are needed to be collected to build the boat. As with any buildables we’ve seen previously, these will be somewhat tricky to find and hidden in plain view.

The first one that we can find is in the Mess Hall. Once in the mess hall you’ll notice there are a few rock wall pillars in the middle of the mess hall. Upon one is a piece laying against the pillar. All you must do is go over to it and hold square to collect the piece. Once done, you are ready to move on.

The next location will require you to have the power turned on for this, as we’ve mentioned. Back in the spawn cabin, you’ll have access to the upstairs once the power is on. When you make your way to the upper level, find your way to the Juggernaut/Tuff ‘Nuff machine. This will be in a bunk/bedroom and in front of the shelves between the doorway and the perk machine will be the piece along the wall. Again, all you must do is hold square and you’re on your way to getting the final piece.

The final piece is available in the Rave or the “Recreational Area” of the map. Here, there is a lot of open area, a load of different buildings and landmarks that we can search, but instead you’re going to want to search the open ground. If you are looking at the stage, you will see a speaker set up, a perk machine and a tent on the right side. Find your way over to the tent on the right side next to the hill and laying against it will be the final part to the boat. As with the others, hold square to collect and from there, you are good to go.

Step 2: Jump In and Sail Off

As simple as it may sound, all you have to do now is make your way down to the docks and you will be able to jump in the boat and make your way over to Turtle Island. This may seem simple, and that’s because it is just a stepping stone in the major plan of getting Pack-A-Punch but is also a great tool to traverse the map how you feel fit!

If you’ve followed the steps and located the parts of the boat, you should be on your way to smooth sailing! By completing this, you’re one step closer to Pack-A-Punching your weapon and you’re in good shape for your game! If you’d like to check out more Rave in Redwoods content, check out our overview of Rave Mode in Rave in Redwoods as well as a first look at one of the brand new multiplayer maps of Noir. Infinite Warfare’s DLC 1, Sabotage releases January 31st for PlayStation 4 users.

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