Titanic VR Experience Being Crowdfunded on Kickstarter

There's a ton of VR experiences that are absolutely stunning, but there may be no larger scenario than witnissing the voyage of the RMS Titanic first hand!

VR or Virtual Reality gaming has taken the world by storm. It has rapidly become a new fascination of the gaming industry and of consumers alike. Having popped up a few years back with the early conception of the Oculus to full fledged support from companies like Sony, HTC and many others, VR is becoming a mainstream medium for gaming. With the ability to immerse yourself into the most unreal and unimaginable worlds and scenarios you may have never seen yourself in, there are quite a few interesting that seemingly always stand out either for quirky reasons or awesome reasons. Regardless, perhaps one of the most recent projects being crowdfunded is one that may be a perfect fit for the scenario of “wow, I never really thought that would work but it’s actually pretty cool”. That project is Titanic VR.

Titanic VR is a brand new experience based around the sinking and the exploration of the famous ship, the RMS Titanic. It’s being developed by Immersive VR Education LTD and is looking to bring the experience to the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. The interesting part is that this also has plans to not just be a VR exclusive. While completely geared towards and primarily catering to the VR genre, it will be additionally playable on standard PCs as well as PlayStation 4 consoles, an interesting little mix-up for a VR company, but good news nonetheless.

The plans are rather interesting for the project and the studio. The studio initially describes the campaign as a way to “create an amazing experience… used to create a realistic exploration experience” and it truly shows they’re all in for this. They want to take this to the next level and allow players to truly feel like they are living in the scenario. It is boasted as being historically accurate and a way to learn the history of the event in a manner that not many will have ever could say they have done.

There are currently three game modes set up for the current build of the game (though there are extended goals the studio has for the development upon certain funding). The first is Story mode, which is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be diving into the bottom of the Atlantic taking on the role of Dr. Ethan Lynch, a professor of Maritime Archaeology at a fictional university, The University of Nova Scotia. The dive is funded by a mysterious investor and he and his PhD colleague go to search the vessel at the bottom of the ocean. The second mode, Sandbox mode, will allow players to explore the wreck how they want. There’s no rules with this one, you can go into the cabins and hallways and completely explore at your own pace. The final mode, entitled Tour, is for people who aren’t necessarily into the exploration aspect but instead want to watch an educational voyage of the Titanic from start to finish. We’re on board for any of these, honestly.

The additional goals are based upon additional funding for the project, which may or may not happen. The project is listed as All or Nothing in the books of Kickstarter, meaning that if the project doesn’t reach funding, it won’t happen at all. With that said, some of these stretch goals may never see the light of day. The first stretch goal is that of a multiplayer-exploration. If implemented, players can engage in competitive treasure hunts as mini-games apart from the traditional main exploration experience. The second and last stretch goal is a real-time, minute by minute experience which takes the Tour mode to a brand-new level. This will allow players to not only experience the historical accuracy of the voyage, sinking and deterioration of the ship, but will also allow players to live every second of it. The would be a simulation that would span nearly three hours, but it surely seems to be a cinematic masterpiece, placing the viewer in the front and center of it all.

While there are a lot of insane and awesome ideas in the world of VR today, this certainly seems to take the cake for the most intriguing one. It’s perhaps not one of the first ideas many would have, but when you think about it, it really does seem to fit something that is awesome in the world of VR. If you’d like to check out the Kickstarter page to help fund the project Titanic VR, check out the link to the project page. If you’re interested, make sure to hurry, there’s only 25 days until the project sinks if it doesn’t dodge the funding iceberg!

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