Rock Band VR Release Date And Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Prepare to be apart of the band and play Rock Band like you’ve never played it before

Prepare to immerge yourself with the dirty garage band and go from hometown nobodies into legends. Harmonix has announced their newest addition to the Rock Band series, Rock Band VR. Put on the Oculus and pick up the six string because the game will be coming out on March 23. A new gameplay video has been released, you can watch it down below.

The game won’t follow the traditional Rock Band style. Instead, players will have the freedom to mess around with chords, notes, and strum speeds. The button combinations the players will create might not sound like the song, but Harmonix has said that Rock Band VR is to provide the free flowing nature of preforming live. This VR experience will allow players to really feel as though they are playing in those saturday night gigs as your palms get sweaty while you're shredding those cords. The guitar you will be using will have a sensor so be free to move your guitar around and do all those cool tricks you see the pros do.

The song list will be holding 60 songs, so far we have only three confirmed tracks, and they seem promising:

  • Aerosmith- “Walk This Way”
  • The Killers- “When You Were Young”
  • Paramore- “Ain’t It Fun”

There is a preorder bundle you can buy, which contains Rock Band VR as well as a guitar you can use for the game. You can preorder right here. In order to play Rock Band VR you will need the Oculus Rift, the Oculus Touch controls, and of course a strong enough PC powerful enough for the Oculus.

What do you think about this new Rock Band? Let us know in the comments below.

Julian Hernandez

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