Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell Update

Blast through the door and get ready to play Rainbow Six Siege’s new DLC Operation Velvet Shell

Year two of Rainbow Six Siege has begun and Ubisoft is kicking it off with a new update called the Velvet Shell. The update will be adding a plethora of new features and content for players to indulge. This new DLC has a handful of everything for everyone, so let's dive into the details.

You will notice there will be a new map called Coastline and a brand new pair of Operators waiting for you to explore and use. The new Operators will consist of the usual split, one Attacker and one Defender. The Attacker is named Jackal, players will be able to use a head mounted device that will reveal enemy footprints. This new form of vision will give players the upper hand in tracking down enemies, just be sure not to keep your eyes on the floor at all times. Then there is Mira the Defender, she will be able to install a one-way, bullet proof window in walls. The defending team will be able to see the attackers without revealing their position, not to mention you can remove the window to open up a small gap to shoot through.

Coastline will be free to play for all players, while only Year two season pass owners get the Operators today. All players will be able to purchase them next week using either in-game currency or real-world money. Velvet shell will also be releasing a fresh batch of weapons skins and Elite sets. Not to mention the main menu has received a makeover and should make getting to where you need to go easier. As fixes go, a number of bug fixes have been put in order. If you want to see the all the patch notes click here.

We will be expecting at least three more updates similar to the Velvet Shell throughout the year. Each update will most likely add a pair of Operators and a new map. Hopefully we could be getting a new gamemode in the near future but their has been no hints towards one, so keep your fingers crossed.

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