The New Weapon DLC of Modern Warfare Remastered

Modern Warfare Remastered introduced a few new weapons to our arsenal as a part of the newest patch to the game earlier today!

Modern Warfare Remastered has had promises of realism and accuracy to the original Modern Warfare but with a recent update to Modern Warfare Remastered, it seems that plan may have been deviated from slightly. In the most recent Modern Warfare Remastered patch that went live earlier today, new weapon DLC was added into the game via supply drops as well as the collections feature. Weapons include the Kamchatka-12, the XM-LAR, the .44 Magnum as well as melee weapons in the form of a sword called the Gladiator and an axe in the way of the Hatchetman. These are not available in Modern Warfare Remastered as weapon DLC.

Does this cause any issues within the community? Absolutely, or so it seems there are issues. The biggest argument against these weapons are the public proof of Raven’s interest in keeping the game “cosmetic only” with weapon drops, something that we heard at the beginning of Black Ops 3 as well but we all know how that turned out. With the introduction of ranged weapons in Modern Warfare Remastered, whether the future holds more is for now, uncertain. However, what is certain is that this is not the worst thing that it could be. As it stands currently, the system itself and the ability to use these new weapons is quite fair compared to the other systems of drops.

Let’s break this down a bit. Is this pay to win? The common answer may seem like yes, but in reality, it’s not all that much so. Pay to win suggests there is a physical pay wall holding consumers back from realizing whatever content they wish to use. This is not the case in Modern Warfare Remastered. Sure, players can advance in the process with buying COD Points but it does not explicitly give them any advantage. Players who grind the game can get these weapons as well. With the implementation of collections, most of these weapons are the highest tier of weapon collection sets meaning you simply must craft or open up each of the previous items. You can do this with the scrap parts earned from drops, something that is available from depot credit or points, it’s ultimately up to the player. Does it take more time, absolutely. But in the case of these weapons, it’s definitely worth it.

With that established, how are the weapons? Our review is as simple as two words… Freakin’ awesome. The magnum is a beast of a side arm, something we imagine snipers will thrive with. The Kamchatka-12 is a monster of a shotgun so assuming you don’t get camped out by anyone trying to make sure you’re not in range, you’ll do some real damage. The final ranged weapon is perhaps our favorite… The XM-LAR is perhaps one of the best DLC weapons ever born into the Call of Duty franchise. Imagine the power of the ACR mixed in with the recoil and stability of the FN-FAL and the SC-2010. If those three had a theoretical love child, the baby would be the XM-LAR. It’s powerful, stable and has insane control for a weapon that kills mostly in three shots at range. It’s our choice for your new go-to weapon. To close us out, the melees are just reskins of the combat knife. They’re sweet, but nothing that is mind blowing like the XM-LAR.

All in all, Modern Warfare Remastered’s newest patch may not have pleased everyone, but for the players who just enjoy the game and don’t really worry too much, it made them ecstatic. The future of DLC in Modern Warfare Remastered remains to be something that is relatively unknown but for now, grab yourself one of the new pieces in the armory and get to work!

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