Stranger Things Gets 80's Style PC Adventure Game

This indie game demo turns Stranger Things upside down.

The candle of nostalgia recently rekindled by Stranger Things has turned into a bonfire, thanks to developer Infamous Quest’s point-and-click adventure game demo made in tribute to the popular Netflix show.  The demo is on PC and only lasts about 15 minutes, which is perfect, since the art style harkens back to 80’s games with all their charms and flaws alike.  I’m not sure we’re particularly eager to ride that wave down memory lane. Still, in case you needed an extra dose of nostalgia, the demo acts as a nice excursion from binge-watching the show.

You play as Jim Hopper, the familiar police chief from the series. You must trek through the Indiana forest with a search team in search of Will Byers, not dissimilar to the way Jim does in the show.  The demo takes place during the first episode, yet it allows us to see another angle on the events fans are already familiar with.  Characters act like they do in the show, which is accomplished by ensuring certain references are made conspicuous.  For example, speaking with teacher Mr. Clark reveals he wishes he were home watching The Thing with his girlfriend. On VHS, no doubt.

The game demo was created by Infamous Quests’ Steven Alexander, James Mulvale and Jon Taylor-Stoll, as a “small labor of love”.  Though these three clearly have the vision, it is uncertain whether or not such a demo will run into a legal quagmire, like how so many fan made games are destined to.

Infamous Quests wants to make it into a full-fledged game.  “I have a design document outline I started right after my first viewing,” Steven told PC Gamer.  He also said to The Daily Dot, “we have the whole design document and business plan, but I wanted to get it in front of them [the Duffer Brothers, creators of the show] and front of people.”   No further concrete details about the prospects of getting copyright approval for such a project have been put forth.  As of right now, a complete game remains in the nostalgia ridden minds of its creators. Fortunately for us, the demo lives.  You can play the free demo on Infamous Quests’ page.

Larryn Bell

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