FIFA 18 On The Nintento Switch

Nintendo has announced that FIFA 18 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced its newest console, the Switch, which has had fans going berserk. Along with some major titles coming to the Switch like Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, developer Electronic Arts, or EA, announced that a new FIFA game would be coming to the console as well. At first this had FIFA and Nintendo fans excited, but after further investigation, its left some people a little uncertain and skeptical.

The reason as to why so many fans were concerned about the upcoming FIFA title and console was the way Vice President of EA, Patrick Söderlund, phrased the games’ announcement. During the Nintendo keynote, Söderlund simply stated that “EA Sports FIFA” will be coming to Nintendo’s Switch console. Obviously upon initial reveal, this had both FIFA and Nintendo fans content, and then the scepticists got involved. Would this FIFA game really be given the attention and recognition it needed compared to the Xbox One and PS4 versions? Would it even be the same game? Well, after weeks on speculating on the fact that Söderlund didn’t say the title would be FIFA 18, fans can finally rest easy after chief competition officer, Peter Moore, referred to the title as just FIFA 18.

Now it’s confirmed, FIFA 18 will be the first official FIFA title coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year when each release. Will you be picking up a copy for yourself? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to keep the conversation going over on social media by following LevelCamp on Twitter and Facebook!

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