Overwatch PTR Patch Notes and Details

Finally we can stop speculating and get into the official changes within Overwatch’s public test realm or PTR for short.

Finally we can stop speculating and get into the official changes within Overwatch’s public test realm or PTR for short. Big hero changes and new features are here to give certain heros the push they need to increase their popularity. It's wonderful to see that Blizzard is taking note of which heros more help.

The biggest changes introduced with the PTR would have to go to the bird loving bot Bastion. Blizzard had previously mentioned they wanted to fix Bastions weaknesses as they were too exploitable. Bastion has gone through some changes that may take him to the next level but, not all his fixes can be considered a buff. For example Bastion can now enter his sentry form much faster and can fire of more bullets due to the increase of his magazine, but his bullet spread has been increased and he will no longer be able to deal critical hits. Bastion has undergone more changes, however, most of these changes are justified by some sort of drawback. With the tweaks Bastion is going through it looks like he will be a more consistant hero and we could expect to see a lot more of him.

The guardian angel herself Mercy is being changed as well, these fixes might be good enough to  put her back on the map. Mercy’s ultimate will now make her invulnerable while she is casting it as well as resurrecting her fallen teammates. Players will also be given the option to change their targeting sensitivity for Guardian Angel and her beams, this change is not exclusive to Mercy, as many of the other heroes will be able to tinker with sensitivities for their abilities. On a side note, D.Va’s Defense Matrix can now block projectiles regardless of the distance they’ve traveled. This was a buff that Blizzard mentioned earlier, so it's good to see Blizzard follow up with their promises

Blizzard has even tweaked the map Eichenwald. When entering the massive castle the gate will not close behind the attacking team anymore. This change was made to make it easier for the attackers to come in from a different angle rather than entering the castle in either of the small doorways. This fix should improve the overall balance of the map should make some players very happy. In addition to these bug fixes there will be a server browser for custom games and the addition of Capture the Flag to the Arcade. To see the full patch notes click here. There is no word yet on when these changes will make it to the live servers quite yet.

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