New Rarest Camo "Arctic Wolf" in Modern Warfare Remastered Comes at a Hefty Price

Modern Warfare Remastered has added a ton of new content, most notably in the Depot as of recently, but this new ultra rare Arctic Wolf camo comes at a heavy price but is now the most rare camo in Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty has started a recent trend that will likely continue for years to come with Black Ops 3. The introduction of Dark Matter as the new highest tier of weapon camo was something that players absolutely fell in love with as it revitalized the amount of players going for the challenges and grinding out the game for the camo. It replaced the former diamond camo, gold camo and fall camos that we had seen for years to come. Modern Warfare Remastered has recently taken it a step further. We saw Dark Matter in Black Ops 3, Black Sky in Infinite Warfare, Exclusion Zone in Modern Warfare Remastered and now additionally in Modern Warfare Remastered, we have something even higher up the ladder with the most recent update. That new highest tier may be occupied by the new camo called “Arctic Wolf”.

It’s no surprise that Raven is trying very hard to keep players intrigued with Modern Warfare Remastered and perhaps act as the primary title this year despite that spotlight going to Infinite Warfare. Otherwise, why would there be 20 prestiges with extra levels to follow? Whether you’re in the mood to debate the full purpose of Modern Warfare Remastered this year or not, it should be no debate that we get a lot to work towards this year. With so much content being pumped out, it’s also no surprise that it may be best to start looking towards collecting everything in the Depot. Items in the Depot can be pathways to unlocking brand new weapons and other goodies within Modern Warfare Remastered, a feature that I’m personally very fond of.

But if you end up getting all the collections completed, don’t you believe you should be rewarded for getting that many items in the game? Don’t you think you should be rewarded for the persistence or the amount of money you’ve spent on drops (whichever side of the fence you end up falling on)? With the most recent patch to the game, you can get some reward. The newest patch introduced the camo titled “Arctic Wolf” and it looks rather interesting, simple and straight forward on the design but the kicker is how you unlock it. To unlock Arctic Wolf camo in Modern Warfare Remastered, you must collect every item in the game… You must complete the current 64 collections in the Depot. That is roughly 550 items you need to unlock via supply drops in order to unlock this new camo. Is your head spinning yet?

While Modern Warfare Remastered has currently the least amount of items in its supply drop system, the game undoubtedly still holds a lot. While most is cosmetic, things such as emblems, reticles, camos and more dilute the pool of things of the likes of melee weapons and other larger ticket items. Roughly 550 is a lot to get. In perspective, if you open up roughly 25 supply drops which is around the $40 USD mark, you’ll only end up with 75 items, and that’s assuming you don’t get any duplicates.

With that said, Arctic Wolf is going to be an insane new camo to get and it quite honestly may end up moving into further games like this as we see an increasingly large emphasis on micro-transaction DLC items in supply drops as the years go on in Call of Duty. Hopefully the best of the best camos aren’t behind the pay wall like this though. The idea of Arctic Wolf being available for players who collect absolutely everything is good in theory, but when you think of how you must attain them, it starts to drain the fun spirit one may have towards going for it.

Regardless, it’s all up for interpretation, some may love supply drops, others may hate them. This falls in that category of what the user enjoys. Regardless, there is a brand new high tier camo that is now available in Modern Warfare Remastered and it’s something that is rather interesting to look at in theory and of course, to look at in game. The most recent patch added a lot into Modern Warfare Remastered, but the new Arctic Wolf camo may be one of the most heavily sought after now that it’s public.

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