Destiny 2: The Forge Of Hope leaks online

A reddit user has leaked some very credible information about Destiny 2.

Over on the Destiny Reddit, user Inside_Leaks, has posted an apparent Destiny 2 leak that many believe to be credible... The supposed Destiny 2 leak includes the new title name, the release date, and all three editions that the game will come with. The reddit post, that contains a lot of Destiny 2 related information, does get a little boring at times, so we've broken it down into small paragraphs for your easy-reading pleasure.

The reddit poster, Inside_Leaks said that he obtained the information directly from a Bungie staff member and that the Destiny prequel is going to be called Destiny ll: The Forge of Hope. He's confirmed that Bungie will keep the Sony 3 month exclusivity deal that they also had in Destiny, which is understandably going to receive a mix reaction from the community. The 3 month exclusivity deal might also apply to the release but unfortunately, Inside_Leaks hasn’t mentioned anything about this.

The leak also reveals some possible pre-order bonuses for Destiny ll: The Forge of Hope, Inside_Leaks describes some sort of Digital Deluxe and Collector’s edition which will be featuring special in-game cosmetics as well as a 1:2 scale model of the 'Exo Strangers Relic of Necessity’ pre-order bonus. We currently don’t know anything about the price of the game and special editions so we can’t really say if these items are worth it.

All of the information mentioned above seems credible but Inside_Leaks has also said that the supposed new Destiny is going to feature a completely new engine. Commenters have said that the post is fake because of this, the reason why is because it is almost impossible to create a completely new engine in only 2-3 years. He has also said that because of the new engine coming to Destiny ll: The Forge of Hope will feature increased customization including facial hair for your character as well as tattoos.

If you’re wondering about porting your Destiny character to destiny 2, Inside_leaks stated that porting your Destiny character over to Destiny ll: The Forge of Hope won’t be a thing, he hasn’t explained why but we can imagine it won’t be fair for new players.

This leak does sound solid, but users have been saying that making a brand new engine is highly unlikely since Destiny ll: The Forge of Hope is said to release this year in the Q4 window. Other users are skeptical because of the grammar of the leak, which could indicate this has been either created by someone that doesn't know how to write, or it was created in a rush.

Earlier today, Activison confirmed that Destiny 2 is still scheduled for a 2017 release. We'll keep you updated if any other Destiny 2 information is confirmed or brought forward.

You can see the whole Destiny 2 leak here.

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