New Smite Update Adds New Giant Walking Turtle God!

Smite's new patch has released, and there's a new giant walking turtle god to master!

Smite patch 4.2 out, and Hi-Rez Studios has revealed what players are to expect. The most notable addition players will notice, there is a new Guardian-class character. Kuzenbo is part of the Japanese culture and is based on the mythical Kappa creature. If you are unfamiliar with this Japanese creature, essential he is a giant turtle-like creature who reduces damage and throws is back at his foes. Let's get into the details on what this God can do.

Kuzenbo’s passive ability is called Water Bowl; you will build up stacks of damage resistance as Kuzenbo gets hit. The move will max out at 15% and will help increase his tankiness. However, the stacks will last 10 seconds a piece but are refreshed when another is added. They say two heads are better than one and that exactly what his ability NeNe Kappa does. The giant turtle will shoot out a smaller Kappa that will do damage and bounce off walls. Once the tiny kappa hits a god or travels the max distance, it will get a mind of its own and assist you. Put your big shell to the test by using Shell Spikes to reflect a percentage of damage back at your enemies. Hits taken while Shell Spikes is up will reduce the cooldown for NeNe Kappa. Sumo Slam is a move of pure brute force, Kuzenbo will charge forward and push anyone in his way as well as dealing damage.

Last but not least Kuzenbo’s ultimate Watery Grave. He gets into his shell and starts to spin and extreme speeds, Kuzenbo will have free movement in this form dealing damage and knocking away his enemies for a few seconds. This move should be very helpful at juggling an opponent and having one of your buddies finish them off. That's enough from this monstrous turtle, for now, let's move on to what else this update brings to the table.

No new features have been added but, there are a handful of new skins. Balance changes are limited this time around, a few items have increased in price while Chiron and Chronos each received a buff. Chiron is receiving a physical power up when using the ability Giddyup; this will increase the damage you do while basic attacking mid-sprint. Chiron’s ultimate was also buffed to deal more damage. Chronos sees improvements to the status buffs received while using Wheel of Time. Stop Time will deal more damage and will provide more movement speed. To see the full patch notes click here

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