Will EA Announce a New Battlefield at E3 2017?

Can We Expect to See a New Battlefield Game At E3 2017

With E3 2017 right around the corner, more and more possibilities arise each and every day for what we could be seeing featuring during the major keynotes this year. With new systems being a big focus for both Sony and Microsoft, big name titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield are going to be huge factors when users are deciding which new system they want. With that said, is it possible that we will be getting a sneak peek at a brand new Battlefield game?

Battlefield 1 got released on October 21st, 2016, and so far has one major expansion planned, They shall not pass, which set for release in March 2017, and that by no means will be the final addition of content to the game. Along with the recent announcement from DICE saying they’re currently working on Battlefront 2, the short answer to the question is no; we won’t be getting any teaser or announcement regarding a new Battlefield game set for the upcoming year. However, this does not completely rule out the option to see some major Battlefield related news. Without a doubt, DLC for Battlefield 1 will be a major focus for DICE and EA during their own Keynote, and new maps, weapons, and characters are bound to debut at E3 this year.

Here’s a “what if” for you, though; What if a new Battlefield game does get announced this year, what if DICE doesn't develop it? Since DICE clearly has their focus on Battlefield 1 DLC and Battlefront 2’s development, it is possible that we could see a company like Visceral Games or Criterion Software take over the on the lead for a new Battlefield game. Both Visceral Games and Criterion Software we a part of the developing team for Battlefield Hardline, and as we’ve seen in other cases, such as Sledgehammer Games splitting off from teaming with Infinity Ward to become a lead developer, seeing a Battlefield game produced by someone other than DICE is a possible outcome as well. Let us know if you think we could be seeing a brand new Battlefield game debut this year at E3, down in the comments below, and make sure to keep the conversation going on social media by giving us a follow on Twitter and Facebook!

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