What The Xbox Scorpio Must Do to Fend Off The PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro has been making some noise within the gaming community, most recently with the new "Boost Mode". While the Scorpio is buzzing about how great it will be, there's still some work that needs to be done to ensure it comes out on top.

The year is passing by us a bit faster than it may seem like. While we may have just celebrated New Year’s, it’s nearly the middle of February in the blink of an eye. As the time passes, we gradually grow closer to the release of the new Xbox Scorpio that is being hyped up to the gaming world at an insane rate. We still have next to no details and information confirmed for the new console’s release. For such a major leap in performance, Xbox may have seemed a bit too confident with the major pushback that the PS4 and PS4 pro has been giving the gaming world as of late. This begs the question, what must Xbox do in order to fight back and not only match the hype of the PS4 Pro, but to as well reclaim the crown they boldly promised they’d wear?

It may be best to start at the very beginning, with the public reveal of the Xbox Scorpio last year. This console had no real details given other than it would rival some of the components of high end PCs. Xbox essentially announced that they were headed into the next generation of consoles early, what they no doubt assumed would propel them into a new tier above Sony and the PlayStation. However, now in early 2017 and a boat load of exclusives and various platform updates to the PS4 and Pro, those statements may not hold up to the stature in which they did mid-last year.

The PS4 Pro introduced a new “Boost Mode” with the newest firmware update to the console which is getting early reviews that are absolutely mental, but in an insanely good way. Such reviews that almost rival that of stating “go out and buy a PS4 Pro just for this update now”. The main goal of “Boost Mode” is to allow players to essentially kick up the settings on games that were not necessarily optimized for the PS4 Pro as newer developed games and games that have had full post-launch patches to support the game into the middle of the console generation. From the reviews, it seems as if Sony and PlayStation may have switched the tables on Microsoft and Xbox at the current moment as they completely own the console war in terms of performance.

So what must Xbox and Microsoft do to remedy this, what is the solution? Currently, all they can do is plug along with the Xbox Scorpio and hope they can keep their promises. But when the time comes, there are a few things that definitely would be fantastic to be able to do to stick it right back to Sony. Assuming the console is on par with or even more powerful than the PS4 Pro, the next best thing that would drive console sales, please the fan base and everything in between would be to offer the same performance optimizations as a “Boost Mode” but on the Scorpio and include backwards compatibility so that you can play older games from the 360 and original Xbox in glorious 60fps, 1080p-4k.

Assuming Xbox ends up matching the performance of the PS4 Pro, the next step in overtaking would be to include something the PS4 doesn’t offer at all. Having played with both consoles extensively and owning both, I’ll tell you that backwards compatibility is the one major thing that Xbox One has to this day over PlayStation consoles. If you were to take the “Boost Mode” and one up it, that’s all you need in my books to take on the Pro and perhaps the crown.

Ultimately, a push into the VR world with Scorpio wouldn’t be a bad option either considering that VR is becoming a mainstream medium and is something that is only going to grow as a field as time goes on. With the mainstream consumers buying into VR more and more each day, this is perhaps something Xbox and Microsoft should be focusing on as well considering the competition in PS4 is doing a solid job with it.

All in all, if Xbox wants to take the crown of the consoles back, there’s going to be a rather decent bit of work to do but it is something that can be done. Honestly, the feat may just be as easy as matching performance and one-upping here and there for a few upper hands in tech, gadgets and gizmos that the PS4 platforms will not offer. Regardless, this is all opinionated and until we see even more about the Scorpio, pure speculation. We won’t know how this stacks up just yet but it sure looks like PlayStation is giving Xbox a run for its money with the recent updates to the Pro. Will this race come down to the wire? Only time will tell.

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