Zombies Returning in Call of Duty 2017

Call of Duty 2017's hype train has officially left the station but with new info on Call of Duty 2017, can we derive any meaning and any information from it that indicates that zombies will be returning in Call of Duty 2017?

Call of Duty Zombies is a staple within the Call of Duty franchise as of recently, especially in the most recent life cycle of games. We’ve seen it appear in all Treyarch titles since World at War and have seen three consecutive years from Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and now Infinite Warfare. With it seemingly coming every year, the inferences have been made that COD 2017 will include zombies as well but in what capacity? We saw yesterday that Activision confirmed Call of Duty will be “returning to its roots” and there will be boots on the ground, so what does that mean for Sledgehammer’s version of Zombies, assuming there is one?

First, let’s analyze the evidence at hand. We have the incredible track record of three years running on modes that are based off zombies. That’s an already outstanding feat and piece to the puzzle. Secondly, the amount of zombie interest in the general mainstream and pop culture is at a perhaps all-time high. Considering those two factors, Activision won’t likely let go of something that will bring not only attention to their game, but also revenue. That’s where the ideology stems from. But let’s take this a step further, shall we?

If we were to look towards one person in the development team right now, we’d best be looking towards Cameron Dayton. He’s currently listed as the Creative Director at Sledgehammer Games and the rest of his Twitter bio goes as follows: “putting Guns, Gore and Grit into the next Call of Duty – Author of the best-selling cyberpunk novel, Etherwalker”. Sounds rather straight-forward, no? Well, the interesting part of this is that that was not what it read as of yesterday’s announcement. When the game was announced to be in development by Sledgehammer and that Boots on the Ground was going to be happening, his bio read this instead: “putting Guns, Zombies, and Grit into the next Call of Duty”… Perhaps this was a cat-out-of-the-bag moment in which he was forced to change it to the current state. Regardless on reasoning, the sudden change has sparked the interest of many fans to see what will happen next.

Whether or not Zombies comes for sure, we can’t know just yet. However, let’s assume that it does for the sake of speculation and argument. If it were to happen, just how would it work if Call of Duty “goes back to its roots” and with boots on the ground? That’s the million-dollar question it seems like. Advanced Warfare had set up a universe within the game, zombies and the campaign were connected via the battles and the manufacture and use of the Manticore bomb that infected everyone, turning them to zombies; additionally, both were set up to end on cliffhangers. We don’t know what happens to Mitchell, Gideon, and the rest after Irons’ death and we don’t know what the explanation was for there being hundreds of cloned Oz characters in the basement of the Atlas facility. Both were set up so that an Advanced Warfare 2 could happen, but whether it will is unknown.

That said, we could either see a continuation or we could see a brand-new introduction and it ultimately falls upon the setting of the campaign. If the game goes to the World War era, Vietnam era, modern times era, or anything other than a direct connection to the Advanced Warfare universe, we’ll probably see a brand-new introduction to zombies. If we see a continuation of Advanced Warfare without the reliance on exo suits, then we’ll probably see the continuation of the fight with Atlas between our Zombies crew. Either works for us, truthfully.

All in all, it looks as if all indicators will point towards there being zombies in Call of Duty 2017 but in what capacity, that is the variable at the very moment. No matter what way you spin it, we’ll need a compelling storyline and something to drive that interest home with fans but no doubt, Sledgehammer has that under control. With a reveal labeled to be “Soon”, it seems time will answer some of these questions we have, but until then, we have to remain vigilant and hold out hope for a nice, fun and kickass zombies mode in Call of Duty 2017.

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