World At War 2 And Modern Warfare 4 Likely To Release In The Next 3 Years

Activision's recent statements could indicate World At War 2 and Modern Warfare 4 being developed.

Yesterday, During Activision's Q4 earnings call, Activision confirmed traditional combat will be returning to call of duty for at least the next development cycle, which will last 3 years.

Sledgehammer Games introduced the new movement system back in 2014 with Call of Duty: Advanaced Warfare and although the title was meant to create a 'new era' of Call of Duty, it certainly didn't. This would set up Activision and its developers on a rocky path for the next two Call of Duty titles (Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare). Unfortunately, after the release of Infinite Warfare, it meant that Black Ops 3 was already two years in development and Infinite Warfare was one year in development, making it impossible to change the games to cater towards a traditional Call of Duty title. So instead, Activision's developers continued with their respected titles and the 3D movement system remained in Call of Duty. Yesterdays Q4 earnings call however, did confirm that Activision has acknowledged that the community wants to see a return to traditional combat and the series will do so for the next three years.

This sets Call of Duty an exciting path for most fans, and today we wanted to breakdown how exciting this information could be with some pretty bold, but likely predictions on what the future holds.

Call of Duty: Vietnam (Call of Duty 2017)

Sledgehammer games will be working on Call of Duty 2017 and the development team has possibly already shed some light on what the future title may contain. Before the development of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games worked on a brand new third-person Call of Duty title code named 'Fog Of War'. This Vietnam Call of Duty title would have been something completely out of the norm when it comes to Call of Duty, but development was cut short because of Infinity Ward (now Respawn Entertainment) left the studio. This resulted in Sledgehammer Games being brought in to finish off the development of Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Fog Of War would never be worked on again.

This does leave speculation that Sledgehammer Games will be working on a Call of Duty Vietnam title, because they already have put in the research and resources for such a title. In addition, it could also mean that Fog Of War could be worked on again and make it to the game as a third or fourth game mode. A Vietnam Call of Duty title is something that would definitely be fresh for the franchise and although it's unclear on how this title would be "innovate" the series, it'll likely be an impressive game regardless.

Call of Duty: World At War 2 (Call of Duty 2018)

Next year its Treyarch’s year to make a new Call of Duty title, which of course we're all hoping we'll get the usual kick-ass zombies game mode... In fact, it's probably 100% likely that we will. Treyarch is arguably the best Call of Duty developer according to fans, and high hopes are already beginning to brew over what the team could be working on.

One of the most likely Call of Duty titles Treyarch could be working on is of course, World At War 2. This Call of Duty title makes sense on so many different levels, but of course the main reason will be sales and profits. Call of Duty: World At War is considered one of the best titles to many fans there there is no denying that no matter what, the game gets the nostalgia going once even seeing a glimpse of gameplay. The brand, World At War would ensure a great year for the franchise and it will likely be one of Call of Duty's best-selling titles. In addition, World At War 2 will also give Treyarch the perfect opportunity to release World At War Remastered, which we're pretty certain has already been pitched to Activision. It's of course unlikely that Treyarch will work on the remastered title, but another developer such as Raven Software or High Moon Studios could work on the project.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 (Call of Duty 2019)

Infinity Ward has probably the most difficult job of trying to once again satisfy the fans with their next Call of Duty title. Infinity Ward used to be the best Call of Duty developer, but has received a massive backlash on their last 2 titles, those being Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We're not entirely sure if this is down to Activision giving the development team bad orders on what title to release, or if it's down to the studio just not being as good as it once was.

For Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 4 is the only option that will ensure great sales. Yes, the Modern Warfare trilogy did come to an end with Modern Warfare 3, but we're certain that something can be done to ensure a fourth title is released. Infinity Ward are now under immense pressure from Activision to release a Call of Duty title that will produce the numbers and that was made more evident today, when 20 of Infinity Ward's employee's were fired, ouch. Just like World at War, the Modern Warfare brand will sell copies, no matter what the campaign side of the game contains. Releasing another brand-new IP Infinity Ward is just simply not an option anymore. and this does feel like it will be Infinity Ward's time to put all their eggs into one basket and produce a phenomenal title.

The future of the Call of Duty franchise is uncertain, but its safe to say it'll definitely be interesting for the franchise over the next three years. What do you think of Activision's comments on the future of Call of Duty? Are you happy that traditional movement is back? Let us know down below!

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