Grandfather Shares Story On How Destiny Helped Save His Life

It's not always you hear great stories in gaming, but when you do, they're amazing

Often, gaming is pictured surprisingly negatively in media, with reports suggesting that gaming is responsible from mass shootings to sucicides, however this is a story to turn some heads. Twitch streamer, Lucent_beam, likes to sometimes do something called a ‘tower challenge’ which is her, picking up a low level player from the tower and help them finishi a specific mission. But this challenge turned into something very heartwarming.

How the tower challenge works, is that Lucent_beam will send a random player a message in the tower asking them to reply and more often than not, she doesn't get a reply. However in this particular case, she did get a reply, from someone you might not expect to be playing Destiny.

The player who got the message was a player who had put 600+ hours into the game, had three characters, and with none of them unable to complete a single raid or nightfall. He was mostly playing solo and it wasn’t until recently when he got a mic to communicate with other Destiny players. What makes this Destiny player so special, is that he never looked up tutorials online on how to complete a raid or mission, but instead, played and solved the puzzles himself.He prefered to use auto-rifles because they are the most accurate weapons in the game, and he solved puzzles just by entering a random number and making it work via process of elimination. Now that takes dedication.

The retired man shared his story when he started playing together with Lucent_beams. The video below shows the man’s heartwarming story and its good to know that a game like Destiny can provide him fun and comfort. 

The retired man told Lucent_beams ‘’ “This game actually kinda saved my life, my wife actually passed away Christmas 2014...all my family is already passed away. My son passed away nine months ago. This game keeps my mind—I’m retired, so—this game keeps my mind pretty sharp. I feel like I live here. I have lucid dreams about living here. And those are really exciting. It’s so exciting. Most exciting time of my life, being in here.”

“I know there is a strong Sherpa community in Destiny, but those always seemed to be helping people who helped themselves, somewhere out there, there are people who don’t or can’t sign up for a Sherpa raid or don’t read the subreddit. Same thing with people who stream Sherpa raids: that person needed to know to get there to play. So then I made a hobby of finding people.” Lucent_beam told.

Lucent_beam played with her new friend for about two hours to complete a Nightfall strike, and afterwards she shared her story with the grandfather on reddit and other social media sites. Her story has gotten so much attention from the Destiny community, that a donations for the man have begin to flock in. The hopes is that he'll be able to attend Guardiancon 2017 and already a massive $3000 has been raised. The Destiny community are certainly a great bunch and we hope to hear more information about this inspiring story further down the line.

Games aren’t always bad, this story proves it.

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