Is An 11th Specialist In Black Ops 3 On The Way?

Black Ops 3 is shrouded in Easter eggs in campaign, multiplayer and zombies, but this newest Easter egg on the new M16 may hint towards an 11th specialist coming in Black Ops 3 soon!

Black Ops 3 is continuing to get support for the coming year as Treyarch confirmed back around Christmas time but one new piece of DLC now may be screaming the Easter egg card that many fans could think may be a hint towards an 11th specialist in Black Ops 3. If an 11th specialist were on the horizon, where does this Easter egg stem from and where does this leave us as fans and players?

Recently, as promised by Treyarch, we got new items in supply drops in Black Ops 3. Added to the list of items available in supply drops in Black Ops 3 were the classic weapons of the M16 and the PPSH. Both of these were two, and only two, weapons added into the Black Market for the February Contraband update. These weapons were weapons that fans had wanted in Black Ops 3 for ages, especially since the PPSH was in Gorod Krovi for zombies fans. While some people may have liked the idea of a zombies exclusive weapon, it just wouldn’t be fair to withhold that from all the masses who missed the gun from World at War multiplayer as well! However, the Easter egg in question doesn’t deal with the PPSH, but instead deals with the M16, a build of the weapon that looks like it’s right out of Vietnam.

What is interesting about this version of the DLC weapon that we see in Black Ops 3 is that there’s nothing really too crazy detailed about it but the one part that will stick out immediately is the playing card strapped to the stock of the weapon. That card is an Ace of Hearts. What designation this has is relatively unknown and what the meaning is, but there’s an interesting little Easter egg within Black Ops 3’s M16. If you change the weapon’s attributes around by applying the stock attachment to the M16, the playing card will no longer be an Ace of Hearts but instead will be a Joker.

So where does this leave us? Well this perhaps could hint towards the arrival of another specialist in Black Ops 3. Black Ops 3 had long teased the arrival of Blackjack, the character who runs the Black Market. Blackjack was a fabled myth in the imagery around the map, having a 10th specialist location in various maps that were used for specialist showcases such as that on Gauntlet from DLC 1. Additionally, in the multiplayer backstory, there was ample room for another character that was an unknown entity at the time. Perhaps the final piece of the puzzle that lead everyone to the realization that Blackjack was coming (before the audio files were leaked) was that of a playing card seen on Gauntlet that was a simple Jack of Spades… The black Jack if you will. This was a full proof way to signify the arrival of the new character.

Whether or not we see a “Red Ace” or something similar coming in the near future is something that many people are being left to wonder. Is there going to be an 11th specialist in Black Ops 3? It certainly seems interesting that we have another hint of a playing card that was used to reveal the most sought after character as we did a few months back.

One other interesting thing to note though, is that the Joker card that this turns into isn’t the first time that we’ve seen this card before. Players that date all the way back to World at War may recognize the card when it is seen. The card is an original Death Card from World at War. Death Cards were something that you could collect, very similar to Intel and the cheats from Modern Warfare. These cards would offer up unique abilities for players to fiddle around with while playing the campaign of World at War. So it is rather interesting to see why a card from World at War would be introduced into Black Ops 3 as an alternate to that of a current playing card, and especially when playing cards have denoted so much mystery in Black Ops 3.

Of course, at this point in time, we can’t do much other than speculate on the idea of an 11th specialist in Black Ops 3, but the evidence is compelling. Despite not being enough to perhaps nail the idea in place, it is enough to get your thinking caps on and wonder “what if”. Perhaps we seen an 11th specialist in Black Ops 3, perhaps not; either way, it is intriguing and fascinating to see the brilliant minds at Treyarch concocting something for us players to think about at all times.

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