Battlefield 1 Beta Now Available

Saddle-up because the Battlefield 1 Beta is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

The day has finally arrived when Battlefield enthusiasts can jump online and live their World War 1 fantasies as today the Battlefield 1 Beta is available!

The Battlefield 1 Beta is available to all users on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you’re playing on PC you will need to download the beta through the Origin store. Console players, navigate to your preferred stores and search for the Battlefield 1 Beta and download it.

By playing the Battlefield 1 Beta you will be able to earn an in-game dog tag so long as you complete the following:

  • Rank up to level 15, and
  • Play on four different days

The Battlefield 1 Beta takes place on the Sinai Desert map and will include two multiplayer modes: Conquest and Rush. These two modes are staples of every Battlefield so you should be familiar with how they function.

If you’re only just getting into Battlefield, Conquest is a constant battle over several points around the map and is won by reducing your enemy’s ticket counter to zero. To do this you need to secure and hold more capture points than the enemy. Rush consists of an attacking and defending team with the attackers trying to push into the defenders' area. Each time the attackers secure a location, the defenders respawn further back in the map. This progresses until the attackers secure the defender’s final base.

Battlefield 1 is looking promising and we’re ramping up to dive into the beta to figure out how we feel about Battlefield being placed in an older setting. We have a lot of questions we want answered like is it just a reskin of previous Battlefields or does it feel unique? We’re also interested in the terrain deformation which was a feature of Bad Company 2 that could be used for all sorts of strategic encounters. Make sure you jump into the beta as soon as you can. While EA haven’t announced a cut-off date, with the release slated for October 21st there’s a decent chance the Battlefield 1 beta won’t be around for long.

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