For Honor PeaceKeeper Guide - Movesets, Combos, Feats & Specials Guide

For Honor PeaceKeeper Guide, a complete list of the PeaceKeepers Moveset, Combos, Feats & Specials. The perfect guide for For Honor Beginners

For Honor is filled with fierce warriors, some of which use their brute force to overpower enemies, others however, are quick and look to get the fight over in seconds. If you are a player who likes to be done quick, then the PeaceKeeper is for you. In this PeaceKeeper guide, we'll be breaking down everything you need to know about the PeaceKeeper, including all of his move-sets and button combos.

PeaceKeepers are fit with light armor, relying on a aggressive/careful playstyle. The PeaceKeeper wields the sword and Dagger, comboing your slashes and stabs are crucial to finish the fight quick so that you can move on to the next victim. They are an instrument of death, wielded to turn the tides of war. You may never see them, but you will feel the difference they make.

PeaceKeeper Faction: Part of the Knights faction.

PeaceKeeper Armor: The peacekeepers wear light leather with small doses of  chain mail underneath. They wear a great helm with a cage visor and a leather hood to conceal their faces. Truly the assassins look.

PeaceKeeper Weapon: Sword and Dagger - The combination of sword and dagger Is built for pure speed and deadly counter-attack potential. You will be trading the amount of damage done for the speed and versatility.

PeaceKeeper Feats

Tier 1

  • Bounty Hunter - Passive - Gain Health and Stamina when you kill another hero.
  • Conqueror - Passive - Capture and upgrade control zones faster.
  • Stealth - Passive - Hide yourself from the HUD, Radar and Aim Assist.

Tier 2

  • Fiat Lux - Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds.
  • Thick Skin - Passive - Gain moderate Damage reduction.
  • Revenge Attacks - Passive - Attacks fill the revenge meter.

Tier 3

  • Crossbow - Fire a crossbow bolt for medium Damage.
  • Pugno Mortis - Throw an explosive that deals moderate Damage in an area.
  • Sharpen Blade - Attacks inflict low Damage over time.

Tier 4

  • Fear Itself - Enemies around you have lower Stamina regeneration and defenses.
  • Catapult - Call a catapult strike to deal massive Damage over an area.
  • Last Laugh - Passive - Drop a high Damage grenade when you die.

PeaceKeeper Special Capabilities

  • Very fast attacks
  • Use dagger to cancel or confirm attacks into Bleed damage
  • Deflect ability

PeaceKeepers Fighting Style: PeaceKeepers are fast, flexible, and deadly. They have a limited range but it is paired up with high mobility to counter enemies or make a tactical escape. Not to mention, the dagger the PeaceKeeper wields inflicts Bleed Damage to those who meet its blade.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Counter-attacker fighting style
  • Short range but high mobility

PeaceKeepers Renown: Gain more Renown in 1v1 fights, by killing the enemy Heroes, and also by getting killing streaks during matches to unlock feats in a match

PeaceKeepers Revenge Mode: Boosts Health and Damage. All Attacks become Uninterruptible. Throws and Parry will knock down enemies. Attacks will Auto-Parried upon activation.

PeaceKeepers Moveset:

  • Defense:Reflex - Your Guard Stance only remains active for a limited time.
  • Deflect - Deflect by dodging in the direction of an incoming attack just before impact. Deflect can be followed-up by Riposting Stab
  • Dagger Cancel - Cancel any Heavy Attack during the Startup with a Light Attack. The Attack inflicts a Bleed effect.
  • Stab Cancel - Press X (XB1),⬜ (PS4) or MMB (PC) in between Stabs to back away.
  • Zone Attack - Cancel Zone Attack after the first Attack with B (XB1), ◯ (PS4) or E (PC).

PeaceKeeper Moves and How-To:

PeaceKeeper Executions:


  • Opponent getting too close for comfort? just slice off their hand with your dagger and plunge your sword into their face.

Sunday Roast

  • Put your opponent into a shoulder lock and force them forward so that their head sticks out, then swing your sword to take their head clean off.

The Sacrifice

  • Once you pull your sword out, step forward and pull their head back so you can drive your dagger into their heart.

Led To Slaughter

  • Take your dagger and stab your opponent in the neck forcing them to their knees so your sword can come in to claim their head.

PeaceKeepers Weaknesses :

  • Kensei
  • Nobushi
  • Warlord

PeaceKeepers Strengths:

  • Orochi
  • Conqueror


  • The Character is great in 1v1 situations,
  • The PeaceKeeper has strong bleed attacks and an amazing gap closer move called Dashing Thrust


  • Short attack range
  • Bleed Resistance

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