For Honor Lawbringer Guide - Moveset, Combos, Feats & Specials Guide

For Honor Lawbringer Guide, a complete list of Lawbringer Moveset, Combos, Feats & Specials. The perfect guide for For Honor Beginners.

For Honor is a medieval paradise for all players to enjoy and the Lawbringer is argubly one of the best Knights in the game. In this Lawbringer guide, we'll be breaking down everything you need to know about the Lawbringer, including all of his move-sets and buttom combos.

The Lawbringers are justice in Ashfeld. Lawbringers enforce the laws and dispense punishment and retribution without mercy. Their armor is without equal, their signature weapon a grim reminder of the ultimate punishment for lawlessness. They will go wherever they are needed – pray that you are on the right side when they arrive.

Lawbringer Faction: Part of the Knights faction.

Lawbringer Armor: Lawbringers wear full body plate armor with chain mail underneath. They wear a Tudor closed helm with a particularly large visor. There are emblems embroidered on the front and back and a medallion hanging from a chain can be seen in the front.

Lawbringer Weapon: Poleaxe - The poleaxe is one of the most versatile weapons ever made. The axe has a sharp end for slicing and a blunt end for bashing and the spike on top makes it perfect for thrusting attack.

Lawbringer Feats:

Tier 1

  • TBA (to be announced)

Tier 2

  • TBA (to be announced)

Tier 3

  • TBA (to be announced)

Tier 4

  • TBA (to be announced)

Lawbringer Special Capabilities:

  • Attacks Can Cause Stun
  • Keeps Enemies Off-Balance

Lawbringer Fighting Style: The Lawbringer combines the features of a Heavy and a Vanguard Hero. Strong but extremely effective at counter-attacking.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Excellent Counter-Attacker
  • Good at Disabling Enemies

Lawbringer's Reown: TBA (to be announced)

Lawbringer's Revenge Mode:  TBA (to be announced)

Lawbringer's Moveset:

  • TBA (to be announced)


  • Hook the enemy's leg with the poleaxe, knocking them down and then impale them.
  • Bash the enemy with the pole end of the poleaxe, then with the hammer side of the head, knocking them to the ground. While on the ground, drive the axe head into their back.
  • Impale the enemy on the spear end of the poleaxe and lift them into the air, using the ground to help keep them aloft. Then kick the weapon out from under them, dropping them to the ground.

Lawbringer Weaknesses:

  • TBA (to be announced)

Strong Against:

  • TBA (to be announced)


  • TBA (to be announced)


  • TBA (to be announced)

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