For Honor Nobushi Guide - Movesets, Combos, Feats & Specials Guide

For Honor Nobushi Guide, a complete list of the Nobushi Moveset, Combos, Feats & Specials. The perfect guide for For Honor Beginners

For Honor mash-up of all your favorite warriors, some are the rich knights that protect the tall and wide castles. Others protect the small villages when no one else will help. Here comes the Nobushi, although small looks may deceive its foes. In this Nobushi guide, we'll be breaking down everything you need to know about the Nobushi , including all of his move-sets and button combos.

 Nobushis are fit with light armor, none they are one of the most effective fighters that the samurais have. The Nobushi uses the Naginata, this exotic weapon is made for long range. Space out the enemy and provide the killing blow from a distance. The Nobushi are the home town heros of their village, they may look unprepared for battle, but they use their looks to their advantage.  

Nobushi Faction: Belongs to the Samurai faction faction.

Nobushi Armor: The Nobushi wears nothing but leather with knee length coat on top. Their faces are covered with a mouthless noh mask and to finish of their look they wear a jingasa hat.

Nobushi Weapon: Naginata - The Naginata is a long ranged weapon that consist of a wooden shaft and a curved blade at the end. The weapon is extremely versatile in the hands of a master, it could be used to stab, bash, or hook enemies

Nobushi Feats

Tier 1

  • Iron Lungs - Passive - You can still Sprint when Out of Stamina
  • Speed Revive - Passive - Rapidly revive fallen teammates
  • Body Count - Passive - Killing soldiers grants you Health & Stamina

Tier 2

  • Arrow Strike - Call an arrow strike dealing moderate Damage over an area
  • Smoke Bomb - Throw a smoke bomb on the ground that breaks the lock
  • Revenge Attacks - Passive - Attacks fill the revenge meter

Tier 3

  • Blissful Rest - Rapidly bring yourself to full Healt
  • Longbow - Fire a longbow for moderate Damage
  • Sharpen Blade - Attacks inflict low Damage over time

Tier 4

  • Stalwart Banner - Nearby allies continuously regain Health
  • Arrow Storm - Aerial Attack that deals medium Damage in multiple areas
  • Fire Trap - A trap that explodes and creates a fire area of effect

Nobushi Special Capabilities

  • Fast Revive
  • Many Support Feats

Nobushi Fighting Style: Nobushi are very fast because of the absence of heavy armor. Use the speed you have to zone out your foes. While you are spacing out your opponent you can keep putting quick damaging by using the range of the Naginata

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Good Zone Control
  • Longest Attack Range

Nobushi Renown: Your Renown is evenly balanced across all activities.

Nobushi’s Revenge Mode: Boosts Damage and Health. All Attacks are Uninterruptible. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on activation.

Nobushi's Moveset:

  • Way of the Shark - Does extra Damage when hitting someone already affected by Bleed.
  • Hidden Stance - The Startup has a Dodge property. Basic Attacks Startup can be cancelled into Hidden Stance. Hidden Stance can be followed by Attacks, Kick or Dodge.
  • Cancel Attack Recovery - Attacks can be followed up by Hidden Stance, Viper's Retreat or Kick. Kick can be followed up by Hidden Stance or Cobra Strike.
  • Light Attack Combo - Third chained Light Attack is guaranteed if second one hits.
  • Side Slashes - Hit at the opposite of the direction of the Dodge. Side Slashes can be followed up by Hidden Stance, Viper's Retreat, Kick or Dodge.
  • Zone Attack - Cancel Zone Attack after the first Attack with B (XB1).

Nobushi Moves and How-To:

Nobushi Executions:

Off With Their Head

  • Short and sweet, pull out your staff and chop the head off your victim.

Sting Like A Bee

  • Pull your naginata out to force your enemy to their knees, so that you can chop off their head


  • Once you pull your naginata out, reach up and pull your opponent over your shoulder and to the ground so you can bring your weapon back around and slice your blade through their face.

Going For A Ride

  • Is your opponent trying to snatch your naginata? Twirl and send them flying through the air bringing them to the ground so you can bring your blade down through their neck.

Nobushis Weaknesses :

  • Warlord
  • Warden

Nobushis Strengths:

  • Orochi
  • PeaceKeeper


  • Long Range Attacks
  • Strong Bleed Damage Attacks Due To Way Of The Sharks Passive
  • Great Counter For Short Range Opponents 


  • High Costing Stamina Attacks
  • Bleed Resistance

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