For Honor Shugoki Guide - Movesets, Combos, Feats & Specials Guide

For Honor Shugoki  Guide, a complete list of Shugoki Movesets, Combos, Feats & Specials. The perfect guide for For Honor Beginners.

For Honor's Samurai faction features on of the biggest and baddest characters in the game, the Shugoki. Shugoki is a strong offensive character, with some very unique abilities. In this Shugoki Guide, we'll be breaking down everything you need to know about the Raider, including all of his move-sets and buttom combos.

Shugoki appear slow and cumbersome. Don’t let that fool you -- they possess the strength of a demon and an unbreakable will. It takes incredible fortitude to be the guardians of your people. You must defend them at all costs and put their needs above your own. This has never been an issue for the Shugoki. Their weapon of choice seems unwieldy. But in their hands, it is as deadly and precise as any blade.

Shugoki Faction: Part of the Samurai faction.

Shugoki Armor: Shugoki wear massive metal plates protecting their torso and arms. An obi sash around his waist holds the garments together. They wear no kabuto but their mask, known as a somen, gives them the face of an oni, a Japanese demon with the superhuman strength to wield a kanabo with ease. Their somen is a deathly white face mask with wide smile filled with sharp teeth and a pair of tusks.

Shugoki Weapon: Kanabo - This traditional club takes a skilled warrior to wield it correctly. It can deliver a crippling blow when it hits but leaves the user vulnerable to counter-attack if it misses.

Shugoki Feats

Tier 1

  • TBA (to be announced)

Tier 2 

  • TBA (to be announced)

Tier 3

  • TBA (to be announced)

Tier 4

  • TBA (to be announced)

Shugoki Special Capabilities:

  • Passive uninterruptible stance
  • Charging heavy attacks
  • Light attacks not interruptible

Shugoki Fighting Syle: The Shugokis are the disruptor Tank. They absorb a lot of hits thanks their high health and passive uninterruptible stance which allows a bit more freedom while attacking. He's excellent at dealing with crowds with his massive kanabo, but he's very slow, both in movement and attack.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Disabler fighting style
  • Hard hitter

Raider's Reown: TBA (to be announced)

Raider's Revenge Mode:  TBA (to be announced)

Shoguki's Executions:

  • Sweep the enemy's legs with the kanabō to knock them over and then crush their head by slamming the weapon down.
  • Bash the enemy in the stomach to disorient them and, once they have fallen down, deliver a crushing blow to their back.
  • Sweep the enemy's leg, knocking them over, then sit on their back. Knock their head into the ground, as they struggle.

Shoguki's Weaknesses:

  • TBA (to be announced)

Shoguki's  Strenghts:

  • TBA (to be announced)


  • TBA (to be announced)


  • TBA (to be announced)

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