What's the best faction in For Honor? In this guide we'll be taking a look at The Viking Faction

In For Honor, each individual faction has their own unique playstyle and for the Viking Faction, they're the most aggressive in the battlefield. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the Vikings faction, why they're powerful and what is unique about the Vikings. Just like every faction, the Vikings feature 4 types of elite champions: Vanguards, Assassins, Heavies and Hybrids. You can scroll down to the bottom of the article to find out more about the Knights and Samurai Factions, as they may cater towards your playstyle better.

To find out what the Vikings faction exactly is, let’s take a look at why they're so strong at attacking and what is unique about thefaction by taking a look at the Vikings story.

‘’Those left behind were conquered by the knights and assimilated into their cultures. The Vikings returned in great numbers a few centuries ago. They camo from far across the sea to where they have established a new homeland. They returned for many reasons but mostly to reclaim their ancient homeland in the North: Valkenheim. Hundreds of Viking clans now coexist in relative peace in the frozen tundra. To the outside observer, however, they seem to exist in a state of perpetual civil war. Vikings are the undisputed masters of the sea and fresh water. When this raucous nation gathers together in massive armadas of dragon-headed ships, they are fearsome to behold and nigh unstopabble.’’

This story about the Viking faction makes it clear that the Viking faction is a really offensive faction and would be the team to attack instead defend. If you are an offensive player, this team is perfect for you. 

The Berserkers:

‘’Berserkers are chaotic and brutal dual-axe wielding Vikings. Their savage love of combat strikes fear into the hearts of most, friend and foe alike. They combine close-combat harassing abilities and have infinite chain attacks that can be initiated different ways.’’

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The Raiders:

‘’Fighting with heavy two-handed axes, Raiders are always found at the forefront of the Viking horde, hacking through enemies crazy enough to stand in their way. Raiders are the Viking’s archetypal warriors.’’

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The Warlords:

‘’Warlords are not born into leadership. They’ve had to earn it through blood, sweat and steel.’’

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The Valkyries:

The Valkyrie is versatile and complex. She is a very adaptable Hero and very good at keeping the enemy off-balance.

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To sum it up; the Viking faction is the best faction for offensive players to rush and defeat the Knights and Samurai. You can learn more about the other two For Honor Factions, the Knights and Samurai by clicking the faction name or going to our For Honor guide hub here

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