Horizon Zero Dawn Physical Copy Breaks Street Date

It's official, someone has a physical copy of Horizon Zero Dawn early... And two weeks early at that! Be careful if you're worried about any spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn in the next upcoming weeks leading to the title's launch.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a very anticipated title in the gaming world this year and as we’ve seen already, there’s been leaks few and far between, ranging from little pieces to larger ones including the map locations. However, it seems the leaks will be flooding out at this point in time because as of today, the street date for Horizon Zero Dawn has already been broken… two weeks before the full release of the game. For those that don’t understand the industry term, simply put, someone (and possibly more people) have a copy of the physical game already.

Should this be alarming to fans? Not at all. Street dates are almost always broken, especially with highly anticipated AAA titles. Every release of this caliber is almost guaranteed to have this happen and it puts the publisher’s PR team on the spot to patch up any leaks that may occur. But what it means for the consumer is that if you’re really looking forward to going into the release to learn things on your own and to avoid spoilers… Surf lightly and at your own risk around your favorite forums, blog sites and many more places on the internet that will likely report on gaming news.

As for the specific copy in question, a user on NeoGaf posted a picture of their sealed copy of Horizon Zero Dawn; again, two weeks before the street date is technically supposed to be broken. With a physical copy in hand, this user has full access to the game, as per expectations. The only real thing that may be problematic for them is any online connectivity. Online servers usually enter stress testing within the week and a half time frame before a release, giving the developers adequate amount of time to make sure that upon release, the game won’t crash and burn. At that point, players who were lucky enough to get the games early can connect to online for that limited time during the ups and downs of testing. Other than that, everything else is fair game. The main quests, side quests, locations, Easter eggs, the whole nine yards can be accessed by the player who has the physical copy.

With all that said and that knowledge out of the way, that really brings into question what else we’ll see from the world of Horizon Zero Dawn within the next two weeks as we prep for the launch of the title. If you would want to play it safe, assume everything will be leaked. If you want to brave on, continue your daily searches as normal but be aware that with this now out in the public, anything and I mean anything can get spoiled. When it comes to the leaking world of the video game industry, there’s no sympathy for those who want the storyline to stay secret until they play it, there’s no crevice that won’t be exposed. Do with that what you will.

Regardless, Horizon Zero Dawn still looks tremendously promising and at this point in time, there’s nothing too major out there that may ruin someone’s $60 they spent on the title. If you’re hyped for the title, I don’t think that much of anything can deter you from playing your heart out come the end of this long two weeks. However, for the faint of heart, play your cards carefully so as to try and avoid any spoilers that may be looming on the horizon (yes, full pun intended).

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