Battlefield 1 Winter Update Brings New Multiplayer Features

Battlefield 1 has just received its first major update since release, dubbed the Winter Update, and with it comes a lot of awesome new features

Battlefield 1's long anticapated Winter Update is finally here and with it has come some of the features fans have been wanting for months. The Winter Update comes to us just weeks before the release of the first DLC pack for Battlefield 1, They Shall Not Pass, which is set to release sometime in March. Featuring the French army, 4 new maps, new weapons, and more, They Shall Not Pass is already shaping out to be a phenomenal addition to Battlefield 1. The Winter Update, according to the official press notes, is helping players prepare for the battles to come this March with many new gameplay features. 


A Battlefield classic originally missing from Battlefield 1 is MIA no more; ribbons have officially made their way into Battlefield 1 via the Winter Update. 20 different ribbons are now available for players to collect, and along with each ribbon received, players will be awarded an additional 300XP. 

Elite Codices

The next major addition to Battlefield 1 via the Winter Update is the implementation of Elite Codices. Players now have the opportunity to unlock an Elite Codex for 8 of the current primary weapons. In order to unlock an Elite Codex for these weapons, players must an additional 500 kills using each weapon. and completion of this task will result in unlocking a shiny Elite Codex and a bonus 25,000XP. Pretty handy if you're going to be going for some new Max Class Ranks, which is the next feature added to the update.

New Max Class Rank

The original max class rank for each primary class was rank 10; however, DICE wanted to issue players more of a challenge and has now upped the maximum class rank to 50. Every 10 class ranks, players will receive a new Battlepack, and once achieving rank 50, players will receive some flair in the kill card used to taunt enemy players.

The Winter Update also includes some new server features, including the ability to kick and ban players and a map voting feature which will appear after the conclusion of a match.

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