A Beginner's Guide To Sniper Elite 4

Here's all the basics you need to know on Sniper Elite 4

The sequel to one of gamings most epic sniping games is finally here. Sniper Elite 4 released this past Tuesday and so far has been a major hit. If you’re a brand new player, don’t worry, we have all the beginning tips and tricks to help you improve in the matter of no time, so sit back, pull out your scopes and enjoy. 

Picking up the story right where Sniper Elite 3 left it, if you haven’t played the predecessors to Sniper Elite 4, we highly suggest you do, to better understand the story that will ensue in your following hours upon hours of outrageously awesome gameplay. Although fighting massive waves of World War 2 fascists might seem intimidating at first, after you run though these few tips, you’ll be blowing out brains and taking names in no time.

For starters, players, both old and new will notice that the in-game movement flows seemingly well. A new addition to the Sniper Elite franchise coming in Sniper Elite 4 is the ability to climb ledges. Vertically hasn’t been a huge factor in previous installments of the Sniper Elite series, but that all changes this year. Many areas on the maps will only be accessible by climbing your way up to them, so keep a sharp look out for some nice vantage points wherever you’re adventuring.

Sniper Elite is a series well known for its bad-ass brutal killcams, showing bullets penetrating brains galore, turning everything into a slushy, spaghetti like mess, and if you want to be seeing these gruesome, yet satisfying killcams often, players must be patient with their shots. Waiting for the right time to strike is the key in achieving those ever so sought after killcams!

A sound of gunfire and objects within the maps is a vital factor in playing well within Sniper Elite 4. Players will find multiple enemy possessions to sabotage and create diversions with using sound as a deceiving diversion. Making sure you aren’t staying in one place after making noise is immensely important in staying alive throughout various missions within the game. These fascists aren’t deaf and they will find you if you aren’t utilizing distractions and mobility. If you are struggling to mask your gunfire, make sure to pull out your suppressed bullets, but use them wisely, your supply will be constantly limited.

Visual advantages are also a major factor in succeeding while playing Sniper Elite 4. Using binoculars to scout areas prior to advancing into them will aloow you to pick out key vantage points and off-limits areas. Spotting players through the binoculars will also allow you to mark enemies, which will then appear highlighted on your HUD. Marking as many enemies a possible before engaging with them will make taking them out a million times easier. Seriously, take advantage of marking, it’s a huge help!

If you’re feeling bored or struggling to complete in-game missions, try partnering up with some friends. Sniper Elite 4 has a built in cooperative mode that makes completing tougher missions a breeze.

Searching enemy bodies once they’re deceased can also be extremely beneficial when progressing through the game. Collectibles and other essential materials can be found on dead bodies, so many sure you’re looting them frequently to keep your inventory up-to-date.

Stamina is a big factor when going for tougher shots in Sniper Elite 4. Running and sprinting while upright can use a lot of essential stamina, which when low makes aiming and hitting key shots extremely difficult. Moving slowly and crouching will be the safest way to keep your stamina up and available for the tough shot engagements.

Finally, make sure you are constantly aware of your surroundings! Enemies can be, and will be everywhere. Above you, beneath you, behind you, you name it, these guys are like gnats swarming you left and right, so make sure you are always keeping an eye out for fresh blood.

Hopefully now you can jump into the world of Sniper Elite 4 and roll with the best of ‘em, even if you’re not an experienced player. Obviously, the more you play, the better you get, and that’s the #1 tip for any new game. Let us know how you’re enjoying Sniper Elite 4 down in the comments below, and keep the conversation going by giving us a follow on our official LevelCamp Facebook and Twitter pages!

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