Are Ascension and Origins Remakes Coming to Black Ops 3?

A recent patch to Black Ops 3 may point to the return of fan favorites Ascension and Origins in Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3 has been promised more content throughout the remainder of 2017. This was promised way back right before Christmas by Treyarch and specifically Dan Bunting and Jason Blundell while they talked on a holiday stream about upcoming content. While we have no idea if this will be a DLC 5 in Black Ops 3, just new weapons or something in the middle of both, there was an interesting discovery in the most recent patch to Black Ops 3 after last week’s new weapons in the Black Market. This discovery could potentially point the finger to what many want to believe are the maps Ascension and Origins remastered for future maps in Black Ops 3.

The most recent patch last week added in items to the Black Market but at the time of its arrival, we didn’t have full confirmation. The patch notes listed the standard bug fixes and some thing that helped improve the overall performance of Black Ops 3 on the PS4 Pro. However, the patch itself was a bit too big compared to other patches that were of the same caliber in the terms of content delivered. Sure, some frame work for PS4 Pro and 4k upscaling may take a bit, but with about a half a gigabyte of storage used for almost nothing, what exactly was included in this patch? That’s when dataminers started to get digging and found some interesting things.

Amidst the updated files were a load of assets for the zombies mode. These assets were tied to the fan favorite maps Origins as well as Ascension to be specific. While there were boat loads of small, intricate pieces that players may not be able to recognize at first glance, like various texture files, there were a lot of different pieces of the code that pointed to specific schematics and other assets in the maps previously. The schematics were images placed around the map, simply like pieces of paper with drawings on them. What is interesting to note though, is that these are reworked versions of the assets and schematics that already were in the game, they are not simply ported from Black Ops and Black Ops 2 like one may think. These assets were completely reworked and redone, brand new essentially.

So the question now becomes: why add assets in now, after everything is all said and done, if there is no remaster/remake? It would be easy to dismiss this as a portion of Revelations or some random occurrence during the year of Black Ops 3, but now that everything is done and over with, it seems out of place. It begs to look deeper into the meaning as far as I’m concerned. Additionally, it would be understandable if Origins was added in for the sake of Revelations but Ascension is too far out of place.

Additionally, there is still no real reasoning or explanation as to why we’ve seen the alterations on multiple maps loading screens from previous years. The first map alteration we saw happened back at the DICE Summit in July of last year where we saw what appeared to be Der Riese but remade. It turns out that we saw just that, a “remaster” if you will, making the map The Giant. Since then, we’ve had alterations to the loading screens of Moon, Ascension and Nuketown. None of those maps have yet to be explained or given any reasoning as to why they were changed but with the addition of seemingly arbitrary game code for maps that have nothing much to do with the Black Ops 3 story arch… It starts to get interesting.

Whether or not Black Ops 3 will support classic maps or see remakes or remasters implemented into the game at any point, we will have to wait and see. One thing is for certain though, we will be getting more content in 2017 for Black Ops 3. Fans can only hope to see the introduction of larger scale DLC such as full zombies maps, multiplayer maps and other larger ticket items. For now though, it’s all just speculation and theory, though these items certainly make a strong case for those who love to think about the unknown.

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