Infinite Warfare New Mayhem Gamemode Comes This Friday

Infinity Ward has announced a new game mode, called Mayhem TDM for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

If you're a fan of the support killstreak system from Modern Warfare 3, where you can continue your killstreak/scorestreak counter even after death, then Mayhem is the game mode for you. Infinity Ward has just announced the new game mode, that'll allow you to keep all of your scorestreaks, no matter how many times you die. This means that getting your RC-8's or AP-3X's has never been easier. 

For those wondering, no, the Nuke will not be accessible in the Mayhem gamemode, unless of course you get a continuous 25 kills without dying using a weapon with the Nuclear attachment. But for those players struggling to get those higher storestreaks, Mayhem is finally giving you the chance you deserve to shine with those allusive beasts. This is great news for players that are struggling to complete some of those annoying killstreak challenges and of course, it's great news for players wanting to unlock Gold and Diamond camo for their launchers.

Infinite Warfare will be getting a brand new game mode called Mayhem starting this weekend from Friday, February 17th, through Friday February 24th. 

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