The Wall Street Journal's Defamatory PewDiePie Article is Disgusting

PewDiePie was dropped from Disney-owned network Maker Studios and had his show canceled because the failing Wall Street Journal is desperate for ad revenue.

The Wallstreet Journal is once again showing they don't have an ounce of journalistic integrity in their new hit piece against PewDiePie. I don't like the recent creation of the term fake news, but I can't help to use it myself. The Wallstreet Journal is a failing news website, so the only way they can keep relevancy is to release falsehoods against people, spin things out of context just to fit the slanderous narrative of whoever they are going after that month.

What better way to generate clicks on a failing website than to write a defamatory piece about the most famous creator on YouTube. In the article titled "Disney Severs Ties With YouTube Star PewDiePie After Anti-Semitic Posts." They searched his channel and found jokes that he was making regarding the service Fiverr, the particular video was meant to demonstrate how far people would go to make 5 dollars and to show the website was a joke. WSJ writers completely disregarded the point of the video, and instead, they made him out to be blatantly anti-Semitic. The next video the writers showcased was a video entitled "Pewdiepie is racist, " and the main point of PewDiePie's video was to display how the media blatantly takes him out of context. It's unfortunate that fake news sites like WSJ disregard context and satire but I guess that's part of the reason they are desperate for clicks.

Disney and Maker Studios removed affiliation with Felix and Google/YouTube canceled his YouTube Red show and removed him from the list of users who get premium ad placements. The Wall Street Journal and other fake news outlets think they successfully destroyed PewDiePie they should have quite the rude awakening because this will catapult his career to even greater places. If I were Felix, I would be contacting someone at Comedy Central because he could see some significant success with that company as they support satire and give no shits.

Final Note: Hey Wall Street Journal, Go F#ck Yourself


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