Horizon Zero Dawn In Game PS4 Pro 4K Screenshots Leaked

Horizon Zero Dawn jaw dropping in game detail showcased in leaked screenshots.

Guerrilla Games upcoming open world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn releases in a little under two weeks, and we are already getting in-game screenshots and other details about the new title. 

Twitter user SlasherJPC received his copy early through an unnamed source and had been sharing some awesome in-game screenshots of the game all taken from his PS4 Pro console on a 4K TV.

Here is Slasher's first post about receiving Horizon Zero Dawn:

Here are all of the screenshots he took from Horizon Zero Dawn these screenshots make me extremely optimistic about the release the detail shown is remarkable. In the picture below you can see ants carrying tiny leaves on their backs similar to how they do in real life that alone tells me that Guerrilla Games paid extremely close attention to detail on this project.

Here is a picture he took using his phone to showcase how good it looks on his 4K Tv!

All credit goes to SlasherJPC

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